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Tyra shows up in the morning and jumps on the girls' beds to wake them up. Norelle interviews that she loved this, because it makes it seem like Tyra is a real person. Which we all know she is not, having crawled out of a pod on the planet Xeno-1479 and transmitted herself to Earth where she uses the electrodes cleverly hidden under her gigantic weave to exercise mind control on the masses through the televisual media and Victoria's Secret catalogues. For the love of God, don't look straight into her eyes! Norelle also has a penchant for calling Tyra "Tyra Banks," which I find hilarious. Like we'd be all, "Oh, Tyra Banks! I had assumed she meant Tyra Goldfarb. I'm always getting those two mixed up." Tyra tells the girls that today she is going to talk with them about the dark underbelly of the modeling industry that is eating, body image, and the pressure to fit into a certain mold. And that mold is a size two. And snoutless. Tyra brings out Kate Dillon, one of the top plus-sized models in the industry. Kate tells the girls that she has been modeling since she was seventeen, and was the first plus-sized model to be featured in Vogue. Toccara is in awe of Kate, and reasserts that Toccara wants to be the first black plus-sized supermodel. Kate says that she started out as a "skinny" model (complete with finger quotes), and that to be a "skinny" model, you have to be "skinny." Thanks for that informative lesson, Professor Plump. Not sure if I would have been able to figure that one out on my own.

Kate says that she had a very difficult time staying thin, and had an eating disorder. She would go days without eating anything substantial (and at this Cassie thinks, "Ha! Novice. Last three weeks on one saltine and then give me a lecture"). Kate says that she couldn't stay in the business as she was, because she was unhealthy and miserable. And at this, the editors cleverly flash to an unhealthy and miserable-looking Cassie. Kate left the business, gained fifty pounds, returned as a plus-sized model, and broke new ground with her high-profile ad campaign for lard. Kate tells the girls that modeling might not be the right career for any of them (I'll say), and that if it's not, they shouldn't manipulate themselves at any cost to fit into it. Tyra says that being a model is akin to being an athlete, since you have to work on your body and stay in shape, and also because your career is temporary. The main difference, of course, is that as a model you don't need to have any discernible skill or actually accomplish anything.

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