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Yaya is next, wearing yet another message shirt. How many of these does she have? This one says, "Fé honestidade luta esperanca respeito," which Free Translation tells me means "Faith honesty fight hope respect." Or, as I like to translate it, "Blah blah blah blah blah." Shut up, Yaya's t-shirt. Yaya's workout pictures are sporty. Janice loves them. Her trampoline photos are not working. She says that this shoot was a challenge for her, because she tried to look less like a dancer. Tyra says that there is an art to taking advice. She says that when someone tells you not to look like a dancer, it means, "Less Cirque de Soleil, more couture." I wish there was an "English to Tyra" option on Free Translation. The judges tell her that she needs to find balance. She agrees, and starts tearing up. Ann is universally hated. Everyone thinks she is beautiful, but her photos just don't work.

The judges deliberate. Yaya needs to moderate the dancing stuff. Amanda, Nicole and Norelle were all great. Nolé says that he will always advocate for Toccara. Janice says that's because he's a plus-sized girl too. He says, "And proud of it." Nigel says that Toccara normally photographs incredibly well, but that this is not her genre. Nolé adores Eva, and the others think that she has a lot going for her. Kate says that Ann is not photogenic. Tyra says that she thinks Ann is photogenic, but doesn't know what to do with her face or body. She feels that Ann and Kelle are neck and neck -- pretty girls who don't know how to model. The others aren't crazy about Kelle either. She has a pretty face, but screws everything up. Janice says she should go back to her gallery and sell art for the rest of her life. Cassie doesn't have a clue about modeling, and her face looks dead. In the words of Janice, "She's just blaaaah." And that's a disgusted "blaaah."

Tyra has eight photos in her hand, representing the eight girls who will still be in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. Congratulations to Eva, Amanda, Nicole, Yaya, Toccara, Norelle, and Cassie. Tyra once again encourages Cassie to seek counseling for her "sadness." Will Kelle and Ann please step forward? Tyra has the same critique for both of them: they are both beautiful girls to the eye, but that doesn't translate to their photographs. They are "the walking signpost for 'pretty girl, not photogenic.'" However, the judges think that Ann has a little more potential. Kelle, it's time for you to say goodbye.

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