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Smells Like Cupcakes

Previously on America's Next Top Model: Yaya struggled with the judges' feedback (dancer dancer dancer). Rumors of Cassie's eating disorders rippled through the house (thanks to a legally blind blabbermouth). Continued criticism broke Kelle down ("I was in denial about my snout, but now I know"), but at the elimination Kelle advanced and it was Jennipher (phinally) who was sent home. Only nine girls remain...who will be eliminated tonight?

New York! Cabs are flying by! Kelle talks to her father on the phone and tells him that she doesn't have enough intensity in her eyes, even though her snout is revered as the finest of its generation. She interviews that her last photo, like so many of her photos before it, bit the big one, and cries that she needs help, because she just can't seem to get anything right. And for all those who believe that Tyra Banks fights the good fight and builds the self-esteem of girls of all shapes, sizes, and faces, just take a good look at the shell of a person that is Kelle. Cassie interviews that, of all the girls in the house, she was closest with Jennipher. She says that she doesn't particularly get along with the rest of the girls, but that she doesn't mind because she's a loner and is perfectly content sitting on her bed by herself and eating her low-carb brownies. But I'll get to that in a minute.

Amanda walks around the apartment picking up various small bits of trash (and I'm sorry, but she can locate a candy wrapper on a dresser but couldn't find the sum total of her laundry?), and interviews that being in the house is like living with eight other beautiful pigs. Insert snout joke here. Several shots of the house show a random bag of what looks like lemons in someone's room, and a really dirty kitchen counter, including a stick of butter that is partially melted. This brings to mind the age-old debate about whether butter should go in the fridge or be left out. And I have to say, even though it makes it difficult to spread, I am firmly on the side of refrigeration. Because, ew. ["My choice is butter dish with cover." -- Wing Chun] And the toilet paper should roll from the outside. ["Totally with you there, and everyone who isn't is a Communist." -- Wing Chun] Amanda mentions the grossness to a few of the others, and Eva says that they all know who the perpetrators are. Amanda interviews that Cassie is the messiest of the bunch, leaving her Diet Coke cans strewn around the house and such. She calls Cassie a "sloppy slut." Thanks for the commentary, albino asswipe.

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