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Meanwhile, stylist Rob Talty talks to Cassandra and says that he's not going to screw her up. She interviews that the issue wasn't just cutting an inch and a half of hair, but rather the last straw in the show's effort to try to completely change her. Well, the original her sucked, and she needs to deal with that. Jay asks if she's ready to cut her hair, and she says she's not going to cut it. Jay looks mad and says, "You know, I really don't have time for this today,'ve just got to leave my set." Jay interviews that Cassandra was aware that refusing the haircut meant that she would go home. Really, it is a dumb-ass move on her part. She interviews that she has to be herself and wants to know that she did what she thought was right. I mean, the damage is already done. One more inch isn't going to do anything, so there's no point in getting self-righteous. Though I will acknowledge that they're totally doing all this just to fuck with the pretty pageant princess. Jay calls Tyra to tell her the news while Cassandra rides solo back to the house. She packs her stuff and puts on a bright pink tracksuit to demonstrate that she's going back to her old ways. She Stepford interviews, "I am going home. I'm going to go back to Texas and I'm going to get some hair extensions and hopefully you will see me as a future Miss U.S.A." A big white van takes her away and I say good riddance. Commercials.

When we return, the girls head back to the house in their limo. Bre says she feels bad for Cassandra, which I find kind of strange given that she basically advised her to quit. She interviews that Cassandra came into this competition knowing that they might cut her hair, and chose to say no. Bre says that there's no turning back now. Lisa says that Cassandra acknowledged to her that she thought they were going to cut her hair off, and said that she would deal with it. She interviews that they have a real competition now that Cassandra is gone, because the person who didn't really want it is out. She looks crazy when she says all this, per usual.

Tyra Mail! Someone is going to be eliminated, reads Kim in her cute ringer tee. Lisa says that knowing that there is still going to be an elimination even after Cassandra left voluntarily means that tensions are at a high. Kim tells Kyle that her walk is the worst there, and that the judges have no reason to keep her. Kyle tells her that a walk is something she can work on. Kim interviews that she thinks, with a few more weeks, she could excel, but that she really needs the weeks. This is perhaps what we call the genesis of a bad idea. Jayla, who always appears to be outside smoking, says that she empathizes with Cassandra because she's had moments when the competition got to her and it felt too much, but she really wants it and thus is still there. Sarah says that she honestly doesn't know who's going home at elimination but hopes it isn't herself or Kim. She and Kim lie in bed together and it looks like Sarah wants to do some under-the-covers cuddlin'. Kim appears to keep a distance. Sarah says that sometimes girls who think they're terrible have actually done a phenomenal job, so you never know. Just like sometimes girls who think they don't swing that way drop trou for the first Sapphic sister they meet.

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