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It's going to take a long time for Jayla to get her extensions out, and it also looks kind of painful. Bre tells Cassandra that if she wants to stay, she'd still have respect for Cassandra for going up to Jay and telling him how she felt. Cassandra says that she wants to stay and take pictures and show off her hair now that she has the confidence to work it. Bre then turns to her and says plainly, "God gives us our first instincts. Don't go against it." That was perhaps the most diabolical thing anyone has ever done on this show. I LOVE it.

Nik goes first. She says that the shoot is complicated because they have to act scared, be beautiful, and run in five-inch heels all at the same time. ["By the way, when Jay yelled out the direction that the girls should look 'pretty and scared,' my sister and I kept trying our own pretty and scared looks on each other. We could totally go on this show, if we weren't both four foot three." -- Wing Chun] Jay says that Nik kept changing it up with her face and body and was very believable on film. Lisa had amazing body language but a less than amazing face. On a side note, we haven't heard much from Lisa in this episode, which might be why everyone's seemed so articulate.

Kim sits with some of the other girls and explains that the lustin' between her and Sarah "just happened" after such a stressful night. Uh-huh. She says she woke up feeling like she was the worst girlfriend in the world. I kiiind of don't believe that Kim feels that guilty. She interviews that she has a girlfriend whom she cares about very much and wants to be with when she gets back home, and doesn't see anyone else in that light. Coryn asks if Kim feels anything, and Kim says, "For Sarah? No. Not really. This is just like fun. It's not doesn't mean anything to me." Meanwhile, Sarah is in the same room. This is dodgy behavior to be sure. Kim interviews that the Sarah thing wasn't a big deal and that she hopes Sarah doesn't get the wrong idea. Kim is a total player. She then notices that Sarah is standing right behind her and gives one of those "Oh God, there's old cataloupe lips riding my jock again so we'd better stop talking about her" looks and ignores Sarah as she walks by. This reminds me of every hookup at my college.

Meanwhile, Diane is on the treadmill and just isn't getting it. Coryn runs along in a velour track suit and cowboy hat. Jay says that her stoic nature helped her in this shoot because she didn't overact. Sarah, perhaps flooded with memories from her night of Sapphic passion, kind of sucks. Jay tells her to look believably scared, and then says, "Pretend like you're Cassandra with a new haircut. You're running from the scissors!" And he is winning me over a tiny bit, as evidenced by the fact that I haven't made one remark yet about his orangeness. He confirms our suspicion that Sarah stank. Jay says that Bre surprised him by pulling it together when he thought she was going to fall flat. As she leaves the set, she says, "My weave is sweatin', I gotta go." Kim interviews that she has to rock the photo shoot or risk elimination. She's wearing a brown leather suit with those infernal knee-length shorts. Jay says that Kim just jogged on the platform and that's about it. He adds that she never brings the life that she has when she's sitting around and goofing with the girls on the set. She says that this competition has been tougher than she expected. Jay thinks that Nicole is afraid of being the model that she wants to be. I don't know what that means. Jayla is finally ready and loves her new haircut, which is a bit shorter than what she came in with originally. She does a great job on the shoot and impresses Jay. Kyle looks kind of crazy. Jay says that she just jogged and grabbed her hair, which seems true.

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