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Bye, Curious

Back at the pad, there is Tyra Mail! Kim escorts Bre in and holds her hand. "Don't be afraid, but be very aware. Just because it's not seen doesn't mean it's not there. Be ready at 7 AM." It's like A Child's Garden of She-nis Verse, that Tyra Mail. Some of the girls say goodnight, while others engage in lesbian shenanigans. Kim and Sarah jump in the pool and start giggling. Kim interviews that she's in an open relationship, so she's allowed to "make out or whatever." See, it's the "whatever" that I'd have a problem with, which is why I do not have an open relationship. Bre, who is sitting outside with Jayla, says that she told Kim she's spending too much time with Sarah, and that her girlfriend's going to knock her out. I kind of love Bre. Kim and Sarah play with a phallic pool noodle, and I am not kidding about that. Sarah interviews, "I am young and, I guess, um...curious. I guess I'm a sexual person." I would love to see the kind of leading questions they asked to get that confession. Kim says that she doesn't want anything to interfere with the competition, but she has a weakness for blondes. Hey, that means Cassandra's fair game now, too. A night-vision camera shows the two of them getting in bed together, and then, on the bottom right of our screen there is apparently some nastiness going on under the covers. You can't tell what, though, because they cropped it so elusively. Porn music is playing, so I assume it's something good, even though everyone's head is above the sheets.

The morning after. Kim and Sarah lounge in bed, and Sarah plays with Kim's hair. Sarah interviews that she doesn't know if they are just friends or if this is the start of something more. Nicole then has the second-best quote of the episode: "I'm not into staying up until all hours of the night having lesbian love affairs." HA! The next time someone calls me after 10 and asks what I'm doing I'm totally going to say, "Oh, I'm just having lesbian love affairs." Kim tells Bre that it was just "a stupid makeout." Bre holds up two fingers and I think she's giving the universal sign for vagina, but apparently she's just saying that Kim and Sarah made out twice. Kim says that the first time didn't really count, and Bre looks taken aback, I think because she really did mean "V" for vagina. Kim interviews that she and Sarah were just having fun, and that making out with each other is what girls do. Well, she has a point, albeit not one that will be of much comfort to parents and Republicans all over the nation. Bre doubtfully asks Kim if Sarah's going to come fly out and visit her every weekend, and then says, "You'd better stick to reality, sweetheart."

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