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The girls go into hair and makeup. There are Cover Girl products aplenty. Kim interviews that she is nervous about walking and could have done without another day of runway. Sarah is nervous too but says that her new plan is to walk very slowly so as not to fall. She is wearing that ugly wifebeater that all the girls have with their names airbrushed on with pink lines and stars. Fashion!

Coryn walks first. When she gets to the end of the runway, Sue Wong says to her, "You are Sheherazade and you are in Northern Africa." Say what? She then interviews that Coryn is not very conscious of her environment, which you must admit would be hard if you are spinning yarns each night to save yourself from being beheaded. Nicole is supposed to be an exotic Mongolian princess. She stumbles a bit and can't stop laughing. Sue tells Lisa to be a beautiful Indian princess, which Lisa eats right up. But really she had to add "beautiful" as an adjective in this fantasy role-playing for a reason. Lisa interviews that her runway walk is sexy, confident, and playful all at the same time. Sue tells Kim to be more graceful and elegant. Kim says she wishes the clothes hadn't been so feminine, but that she does want to model so will continue to try to work. Did she think they were going to have her model Dickies? Put on the dress and enjoy it. Sue says that Kim lacks confidence, which will hurt her on the runway. Kyle is a little rough getting onto the moving platform. Diane is looking too Egyptian. Jayla has a limp wrist. Nik is supposed to be "on the steppes of Central Asia someplace." Then Bre comes marching in. She interviews that she was feeling the atmosphere and was Dorothy Dandridge, and no one could tell her differently. This confidence works well as Sue tells her to be bold and dramatic and beautiful. Sue says that Bre shows a lot of promise, and that her attitude can take her far. Cassandra interviews that she could care less that they were doing a runway show. Sue says that she's too stiff and contrived, which is a spot-on assessment. Sarah gets a big heavy wedding gown and headdress, which does wonders for her walk. She stumbles, she flails around, she looks generally awful. Sue says that Sarah is awkward and needs to work on her gracefulness. And I kind of think that grace is something that can't be learned, especially when you have the shoulders of Lou Ferrigno.

Sue congratulates the girls on some wonderful performances, and announces that Bre is the winner. Richly deserved, my friend. Bre interviews that it was long overdue that she won something. ["Yes, she had to wait all the way up to Episode 4. She's not exactly Penelope." -- Wing Chun] Sue tells her that she gets to wear the feathery gown for a very fancy dinner and also pick four friends to share it with her. She chooses Coryn, Kim, Nik, and Jayla. The rest of the girls get an unsympathetic "sorry" from Sue. Bre interviews that she looked absolutely beautiful in the dress. She has a way with words, that one. She also feels special because Tyra wore the dress. The girls anticipate their dinner and have a great time in the limo. When they get to the restaurant, they discover that their dinner is caviar. Nik interviews that the girls were all hungry and didn't want caviar. There is the most mannish close-up of Coryn yet. The girls eat the caviar while looking displeased. Bre interviews, in the quote of the episode, "I want to be respectful...but I want to throw up."

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