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The next morning, Diane hopes that whatever is next will be exciting. Cut to the girls making breakfast and Kim saying, as she cracks an egg near Sarah's ass (and that, too, is no euphemism), that she always cleans everything she does in the kitchen, especially when she has sex there. Sarah guffaws, because she knows exactly what Kim's cleaning. Nik neutrally interviews that Sarah and Kim hang out together and are very close to each other. Kim says to the others, "This is quality material that you see right here in front of you," and it is unclear whether she means Sarah's ass or the eggs, but I'm guessing by Sarah's ever-so-charmed laugh that she at least thinks it's her ass. Kim says that straight girls tend to get crushes on her, though she can't pick up a gay girl to save her life. Oh, Kim. Potesy is here for you. She then says to Sarah, "Poor Sarah. Hearts are made to be broken, sister," and it's all out of context. Sarah interviews that it's hard to tell where Kim is at because she's such a kidder. Meanwhile, Sarah eats eggs off of Kim's lap. She then says that she guesses she's attracted to Kim "in a way," and that it's really weird for her to feel this way about a girl. I wonder what pains Sarah went to to convince her parents that all of the Top Model Season 5 tapes were lost at sea.

Cut to the phone room, where Cassandra's mom says to her, "This isn't really a principle, this is vanity, and it is beautiful hair, but it does grow back. My point is that if it's this short already, an extra month or two isn't going to make that much difference." HA! Obviously, Cassandra was like, "I won't cut my hair on principle!" Her mom sounds totally reasonable, so I wonder how Cassie came to be such a bad egg. She brattily brats and picks at the wall. Her mom continues, "The question is, do you love your hair more than you love this opportunity?" And if you are a savvy viewer, I think you probably already know the answer to this.

The girls go to a club of sorts and meet Sue Wong, who professes herself to be a designer of very dramatic and glamorous evening wear. We see some of her stuff, and it is costumey but kind of awesome. She says that the girls will be tested on their ability to walk in a runway presentation. A circular moving platform is at the very front of the runway. Lisa interviews that the whole setup made the challenge very difficult. Sue says that the winner of the challenge will "have the privilege of borrowing this really gorgeous gown," which Tyra wore to Oprah's legends ball. The dress is horrible, with a ton of white feathers on the bottom that make it look like the bodice is molting. Tyra didn't look good in it either, and I bet she left pit stains on it, and perhaps some rib sauce.

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