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Kyle is next, and Twiggy thinks she's got the best walk and an amazing pair of legs. Miss J. agrees, and says that the wind was in her hair. Kyle's photo is weird and kind of jowly.

Lisa's walk was good and safe, which is good to have as a base, but Tyra tells her she needs to make it stronger and sexier. Lisa has no neck in her photo. She notes that she was also wearing a turtleneck, but Tyra says that Lisa, and not the turtleneck, is the problem. Lisa seems to take it in stride.

Nicole gets admonished for pulling her skirt up during her walk. She wants to apologize for that, but Tyra tells her never to "show your oops." And I had long been wondering if the plural of "oops" was "oopses" or "oops." Thank you Tyra Banks, grammatician! Nicole's picture is weak. Tyra says that Jay said that the camera loves Nicole, but that Nicole doesn't love the camera. Nicole says that she thinks she loves the camera.

Nik did the bobble-headed neck thing again, which Tyra and Miss J. don't like. Tyra once again emphasizes the wind-in-the-hair thing. Nik's picture is good, but Tyra says she'd like to see a little more intensity in the face.

The judges, with the exception of Twiggy, love Bre's walk. Sue Wong says that she would hire Bre. The judges think that Bre looks like she's standing still in her photo, and Miss J. even says she looks like she's at the bus stop yelling, "Hey, girl! You talkin' to me?" Everyone loves to call Bre ghetto. But the walk still gets her lots of goodwill. ["I think Bre's walk is ridiculous. Ew, Twiggy and I have something in common." -- Wing Chun]

Sarah is next. Nigel says that she's improved a bit, in that she didn't fall, but Twiggy notes that one of her legs moves weirdly, and Miss J. helpfully says, "My Left Foot." Sarah also looks really uncomfortable in her photo and has no poise. It is time for the judges' deliberation!

But first we learn that Nik is the Cover Girl of the Week. Yay, Nik!

The judges talk. Coryn is timid and sad, which comes across on the pictures. The other thing that comes across on her pictures is testosterone. Sue Wong loves Bre. Nigel loves her personality, but not her pictures. Miss J. loves Kyle's body, but says there's no "wow." Twiggy says that she saw something in Kyle today, and that Kyle's still in as far as Twiggy is concerned. Sue Wong says that Sarah is a mess. Tyra notes that she's progressed, but Miss J. says that she looks like she's going to get hit by a taxi. Sue thinks that Lisa is too contrived. Miss J. thinks that she's beautiful to look at, but that there's some "point missing" that he can't put his finger on. It's the crazy, fugly point. Twiggy thinks that Nicole is really sexy, but Sue thinks she lacks in personality. Nigel says that her photo is average at best. The judges love Jayla's haircut and her picture. Miss J. notes that she has ginormous ears, and Twiggy defends big ears because she's got a pair herself. Diane is hopeless, according to Nigel, but Miss J. thinks she's sexy and that she's in. Sue says that Kim's androgyny makes her interesting. Twiggy also loves Kim but says that the speech threw her. Miss J. says that she walked like she'd had an overdose of Viagra. Miss J. says that Nik looks like the really pretty light-skinned girl from Building C in the Projects, which I think is his way of saying that she's average. Nigel says that if that's the case, he needs to go to the Projects more often.

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