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Coryn's Got A Secret

Tyra Mail! "How well can you juggle?" Well, that's a departure from the usual, "How well can you jiggle?" The Tyra Mail continues: "Find out tomorrow. Be ready at 8:00 AM." Lisa says that she's been through an emotional rollercoaster, but that the competition means a lot to her, and that she's throwing in all her chips and hopes it will work out in the end. Don't tell me she has a gambling addiction, too, and wants to meet me at Foxwoods.

The next day, the girls head to a soundstage. Mr. Jay tells them that they're going to do a shoot for Secret Platinum Clear Gel. To approximate the exciting life of a real live fashion model, they'll do a TV commercial, a photo shoot, and a press interview with someone from Entertainment Tonight. Bill Heuberger will be the commercial director, and Jason Willheim will photograph the still shoot. Jay tells the girls that each will be able to put her own twist on the commercial by revealing her own personal secret. Oh, is that so? Let's get to work!

The girls memorize their lines as they get their hair and makeup done. Nik says, "What's my secret? I'm afraid of the dark and I sleep with a nightlight." We cut from Nik to Jayla to Nik to Jayla, so you know something's afoot. Lisa shoots her commercial. Her secret is, "I tell myself I'm beautiful. Every single day." Well, I'm glad somebody does. Ba-dom-bomp! Thank you everyone and please stick around for the 10:00 show! Jay says that Lisa's small touch of vulnerability makes her relatable. She looks pretty good, too. Jayla interviews that Lisa's shoot went really well, which was a surprise because everybody thought she'd be off her game. She proved you bitches wrong, now, didn't she? Lisa agrees that she nailed the commercial, and says she is proud of herself. She goes through her photo shoot, and also speaks to Ryan Devlin of ET, whom she calls hot. She tells Ryan that she is Italian, and that Italians are known to be sweaty people, but that Secret really works. I'll bet the Italian tourist board is going to use that one. She then actually sniffs her own armpit and says with typical eloquence, "See? It's...good under there. It's nice, right?" She stole that quote from Coryn, I hear.

Jayla explains that the commercial comes first, and that each girl gets ten minutes to get it right. We see Nicole say, with typical sex kitten eyes, "What's my secret? I eat ice cream in bed." Again, not a really astounding secret, but I'm sure it makes lots of guys want to bang her and have some Chubby Hubby afterward.

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