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Coryn's Got A Secret

Back at home, Jayla whispers to Nicole outside. She says she knows she's not the only one who doesn't like Lisa, and that, in fact, over half the people in the house don't like her. I love the specificity of that data. She says she knew the whole thing with Coryn was going to blow up, because Lisa keeps putting herself in stupid situations and people are getting ever angrier with her. Nicole, for her part, doesn't say much. In an interview, she says she doesn't know what to say about Lisa, but that Lisa thinks she knows everything, which is kind of a problem. Nicole really straightened out after that whole Chapstick thing. Jayla hisses to Nicole, "It's so like high school here." Isn't that why we watch this show?

Random shot of a few of the girls swimming in the pool. Kyle straightens her hair and says that she and her sidekick Nicole were chosen to host "The VH1 Top Five Modeling Countdown of the Year." The people at VH1 must be so pleased. But whatever, they got Janice Dickinson out of the deal. Kevin from The Fabulous Life introduces himself. He tells Kyle and Nicole that they'll shoot the whole script a couple of times, and that he just wants the girls to have energy and be themselves. Kyle reads some lines in her flat Midwestern accent as Lisa looks on and sulks. Jayla says that all of the girls expect to win the competitions, but that Lisa takes things a little more seriously than most. Lisa interviews that she would have done better than Kyle if she had won the challenge. Then you should have done better during the competition, ass. ["I hate to say it, but she's probably right; bitch crazy, and if I had to spend five minutes with her I'd kick her in the tits, but she does have charisma." -- Wing Chun] Lisa lies on a bed and complains that she wishes she had won the challenge. See above. Nik lies alongside her and paints with watercolors. Better than Eva's word searches of yore, I guess. Lisa says that if she had won, she "would have talked very sophisticated and given [her] honest o-PIN-YUNS." Nice way to prove yourself with your actions. Also, she is drunk already. Kevin comes over and asks her to pipe down, to which she retorts, "I'm practicing in case I won." Oh, Lisa and her revisionist history and her verb tense confusion. Kevin laughs but asks her to be quiet for thirty seconds, and then wishes her good luck with her practicing. After he leaves, she rolls her eyes and emphatically whispers, "He just doesn't even know. He doesn't even get it." Yeah, he sure doesn't. Kevin compliments Kyle and Nicole on their performance, and Lisa rolls her eyes and says (thanks, captioners!), "Uhh, I'm so disgusted." I like the two-h "Uhh."

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