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Coryn's Got A Secret

Bre says that Lisa's dance was the best, and Lisa, like the organ grinder's monkey she so strongly resembles, busts into the dance again. And then, somehow the cameras must have inexplicably missed Coryn directly saying to Lisa, "You need to come up with another dance move," because we see Lisa say in an interview, "and then Coryn said..." which cuts to Lisa saying to Coryn, "'You need to come up with another dance move' is what you said." A little choppy, there. Lisa interviews that that was her limit, and I guess it's good to know she has limits of some kind. She says that Coryn needs to stop hating on other people, especially her. Coryn counters with an "Oh my goodness," and notes that Lisa is always critiquing people. Lisa says she thinks she's being a friend and trying to help others. And I actually think that, in her own addled, socially inept way, she probably believes that. The other girls start to look uncomfortable and think to themselves, "Boy am I glad I don't have mommy issues, too!" Coryn says that Lisa isn't a friend to anybody. Lisa says that Coryn is the only one who doesn't like Lisa. Coryn corrects this notion by saying that she's the only one who's told Lisa TO HER FACE that she doesn't like her. Ooh, that stings. Also, good one. Lisa says she's honestly not trying to hurt anyone. Coryn gives her a look while Kim and Nik giggle on the sidelines. Back in the green room, Coryn says, "Oh my goodness" again as she sits by Nicole. Lisa walks up and says that if Coryn needs to talk about it more, she should say something to Lisa's face. Coryn tells her to shut up a few times. The two have some more words, during which Lisa tells Coryn just to act like she doesn't exist rather than talk shit about her or make "snappy comments" to her. And I think the use of "snappy comments" might show us why Coryn has the edge in this game of verbal sumo wrestling by anorexics. Coryn tells Lisa to shut up again, and says she can't pretend Lisa doesn't exist. Coryn is a realist. Lisa tells Coryn to grow up and says that Coryn's presenting herself as a moron. Oooh. Coryn then counters, "And what are you doing, alcoholic bitch?" I hate to say it, but she kind of has a point. If Lisa were truly bad-ass, she'd calmly reply, "Stuff it in your she-nis, Tootsie." But sadly, she does not, and so we fade to commercials.

When we return, we get an encore presentation of "And what are you doing, alcoholic bitch?" If anyone has a sound file of that, please send it to me ASAP and I will give you a great reward. Lisa walks around with her ambiguous Styrofoam cup and has her last swallow of The Hard Truth. As they get into their limo, she voices over that she realizes she's not around people who love and care for her, or, I may add, can even marginally stand her. She says it hurts, and that nobody's ever really truly hated her before. I find that a little hard to believe, and so will chalk it up to her delusion. In the limo, Nik says it hurts her when people are hard on other people, because she's sensitive to social situations. She interviews that there's too much drama going on, and that it's making her pull back a little. She adds that even your friends can hurt you. Hold that thought, Nik.

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