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Coryn's Got A Secret

The girls learn their lines in the green room. Lisa says that there are ten lines, and that she has them down. She does a sort of backwards pushup thing off the couch, saying that it takes the butterflies away. She urges Nicole to try it, and Nicole woodenly says, "I'll pass." Jayla says that she's not scared to get in front of somebody and talk, and is feeling pretty confident about the challenge. She goes first and gets through several product points, but bores Chris Spencer to death. He rattles Coryn, who only gets through one talking point. He says afterward that she had no clue what was going on. Sadly, it is true. He flirts mercilessly with Bre, who can't get any of her talking points across, and then exposes Kim for writing the talking points on her hand. Boo, Wesleyan! Chris successfully throws Nik off the track. When Nicole says that the bananas in the mask come from the hills of Caracas, he asks where Caracas is. She says she doesn't exactly know, but that they have really good bananas, which I actually think is kind of a funny answer. Kyle rocks the challenge with confidence, even though she is wearing a homely gray sweatshirt. She is also the only one to get across the talking point that you can put the mask on your "buns" and your breasts, which I find gross but oddly titillating. Coryn says that Lisa is cocky (and she should know) and thinks she's going to win the competition. Lisa totally does think she's going to win, too. But she answers some questions wrong about the product, which leads Jayla to say that Lisa has no clue and has "missed the memo." Heh. Chris then asks Lisa to dance. She does, which amuses the other contestants and the viewers at home on account of how she looks like a fool. She is out of time, which she can't believe.

Once they have all finished, Chris chooses the winner. It is Kyle, which makes the others -- most obviously Lisa and Jayla -- kind of mad. For her one friend to share in the prize, she chooses Nicole. Nicole is excited because no one's chosen her to do anything yet. I think this is telling, because Nicole seems not to care that she hasn't actually WON anything herself so far. She sure is pretty, though. Anyway, their prize kind of rocks. They get to count down the top five most fabulous supermodels on VH1's The Fabulous Life of Supermodels special. They are duly excited, and everyone else is duly envious. Jayla says it's not fair that Kyle won two challenges in a row. Oh, go celebrate a birthday.

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