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Coryn's Got A Secret

Jay comes to the house the next morning and calls the girls upstairs, where they find a big display of food. Kim wonders if they're going to have to be housewives that day. Jay tells the girls that he remembers the first time he worked with his icon, and that he had to bring her there today. That was such a natural segue. But it doesn't matter because then Iman appears. Iman! Legendary, gorgeous Iman who immediately puts to shame all of the remaining contestants as well as a non-present Tyra Banks. Seriously, that is a real model. This whole thing seems to be engineered to plug Iman's new book about beauty, which, Jay points out, even features a photo of Tyra. And Iman is so skinny that even a still photo of Tyra's head seems like it could swallow Iman whole. Iman tells the girls that skin care is the most important part of being a model. Lyricism is not, however, as she goes on to say, "It don't matter a thing if you ain't got that SKIN." You'll have to trust me that even with the accent and gorgeous supermodel face, it doesn't work. She tells the girls that there are a lot of organic products they can make themselves at home so that they'll have flawless skin. And I'm sorry, but I've tried to do this shit before and it always comes out like crap and makes a mess and is sticky and gross and makes you break out two days later. Learn from your Auntie Potes, kids, and don't try this at home.

Jay hands out recipes, and the girls try them. Kyle wipes a chunky, viscous concoction on her face. Coryn says that hers is made with lemon, lime, and honey, and feels slimy, gooey and gross. The girls all look ridiculous. Iman once again stresses the importance of skin, and says that no client will want to retouch all of someone's skin. Kim, who actually has some chunks of homemade product in her hair, asks what avocado does, and learns that it is a moisturizing agent. Bre charmingly eats a slice of something, and Jay and Iman laugh. Jay tells the girls that they're all going to be challenged on being spokesmodels for the honey-banana firming mask. They'll appear on a mock talk show segment, and will have to get across as many product points as possible in the interview. He hands out the talking points for them to study. Iman says that they don't have to cover every point, but should pick out the key points they think will sell to the client. She bids them adieu.

The girls drive to their location and Lisa trips coming out of the humvee limo. Chris Spencer introduces himself as "a stand-up comedian extraordinaire," and says that he used to be a supermodel "before the fire." A few of the girls chuckle politely. Each girl will have a three-minute interview with him about the organic crap product. There will be one winner; the rest of the girls, he says, will go "back to Compton." Bre and Nik laugh because I guess only black people get that joke.

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