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Coryn's Got A Secret

Eight "beautiful" girls stand before Tyra, but there are only seven photos in her hands. She calls Lisa first and says that she rocked it, but unfortunately her photo won't be the ad in People because the majority voted on another girl. Oooh, too bad so sad! That was kind of mean, and most likely because Lisa is an alkie. Jayla is called next. Nik blinks a lot at that news. Next is Kim. Following her, Tyra calls Nicole, whose ad will run in the magazine. Nicole is cute and excited. Kyle is next. Tyra screams at her, in order to make a point about Kyle's ridiculous overacting. It is scary, and I think Kyle is embarrassed. Bre is called next, leaving Coryn and Nik as the final two. Please step forward, you whores. Coryn is beautiful and radiant standing before Tyra, but she's sad, and models can't be sad, only empty and soulless. Some judges think she needs to be saved from the crazy and cutthroat world of modeling, which would likely depress her if she took it on as a career. Nik didn't rock her picture and was stiff and rehearsed in the commercial. They're looking for someone who is comfortable in front of the camera, and Nik admitted that that's her weakness. Never show them your weak side, bitches; they will only use it against you. Nik is told that she has to work, because she's still in the running toward becoming America's Next Top Model. Coryn goes to the other girls, including Lisa, who give her a big group hug goodbye. Back at the house, she packs and says it's a load off her shoulders, and that she feels like she can breathe again without the extra stress. The is the happiest she's looked in the whole season. She calmly says that it's her time to go, and that there are other things out there for her, like perhaps a very special episode of Unsolved Mysteries.

Coming up: an army-style obstacle course proves that Nicole is a Chapstick-wearing baby, and Jay calls Kim butch even though she's wearing a corset. Hot.

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