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Coryn's Got A Secret

Nik, to her detriment, is totally rattled. She says she's too nervous to change her secret. Her stomach is turning and she says that this is why she doesn't want to get too close to the other girls -- because they'll hurt you. I really think Nik is gorgeous, but girl needs to toughen up. Come up with a better secret, dumb-ass! Like, "What's my secret? I stole Jayla's boyfriend after crashing a Jehovah's Witness convention." Are they the ones that have conventions? If not, "I banged Jayla's mom at Neverland Ranch!" Have some gumption, young lady. Nik fucks up her lines over and over. Jay tells her that she needs to not be so hard on herself, and to just laugh about it. She is distressed. Backstage, Nik tells Kyle, "It's okay, because karma's a bitch." Kyle says, "What?" and Nik repeats herself. Nik interviews that she took all the nerves from the commercial into the photo shoot. She looks so pretty, though. She says that she was literally shaking on the floor and had no confidence in herself. She moves on to Ryan and continues kind of sucking. He asks what she is the least proud of, and she can't think of anything. Ryan says that she should have made something up, which is totally true. Nik is unsure about how she's going to do at Panel, and doesn't feel secure.

Heading back to the house, Nik voices over that she's a firm believer in karma, so isn't going to say anything directly to Jayla because if Jayla stole the line intentionally, she's going to get hers. I really, really hope she does. ["I did not realize that believing in karma required one to be passive-aggressive." -- Wing Chun] Meanwhile, smoker Jayla complains to smoker Lisa (did they not even listen to Tyra's talk about vices?!) that she's sick of Nik giving her the cold shoulder. Lisa, who looks kind of like a male midget, asks if Jayla honestly doesn't know what's going on. Jayla says she doesn't, and asks Lisa to enlighten her. Lisa says that she can't talk about it, because she promised not to. But more than anything, Lisa wants to feel like someone on the show hates someone else more than they hate her, so she asks Jayla what she and Nik had in common today. Jayla feigns bewilderment, until Lisa finally leads her to the conclusion that Nik is mad that Jayla used "I sleep with a nightlight" as her secret. Jayla says that's ridiculous. In a confessional, she angrily says that she's sick of being in a house with someone who's so stupid. She tells Lisa that stuff like that makes her realize how few people in the house she'll remain friends with. She adds, "There's [sic] people in this house that I tolerate only because I have no choice but to tolerate them. And that's all I do." In the confessional, she says that Nik is cut off and is "officially" on her bad side, and she predicts that if they're together in the house long enough, something big will go down. Oh, shut up, Jayla. It would be one thing if she were just plain old bitchy, but she's so annoying too. I can't take it. Commercials.

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