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Coryn's Got A Secret

Kyle kind of shouts her lines and also uses her arm to point like a cheerleader. The director tells her not to get too over-the-top. Why doesn't he just tell her not to point, already? Jayla says that the photo shoot comes next, and you also get ten minutes to nail your shot, and from there you go meet with Ryan from Entertainment Tonight.

Bre sits down with Ryan and tells him that he has beautiful eyes and that she has a crush on him. Is she serious?

Ryan asks Kim what her most embarrassing moment is, and she says she has a whole list to choose from. She does not have a crush on Ryan.

Nicole tells Ryan that she eats ice cream in bed. Ryan tells her that that's kind of G-rated and adds, "And I wasn't even fishing for that." What does that mean? What exactly was he fishing for, then?

Coryn is next. Oh, goodie. She is typically wooden in her line delivery, and a shot from the side shows that, man, she is skinny. She interviews that she started beating herself up about the commercial right from the beginning and then just couldn't get it right. Jay asks her whom she's totally comfortable with, and she says, "There's nobody." She really does possess an extreme sad-nis. Jay says, "Nobody? Not even me?" She laughs, and Jay tells her that's what he wants to see. Coryn's secret is that she's afraid of heights. And I know that Coryn is really not a man, probably, but I really would have loved for this shit to get all Crying Game on us right about now. She's nice and smiley in her shoot and looks pretty, but gets all wooden again in her interview. But doesn't sweat! Secret: Strong enough for a man.

Meanwhile, Nik and Jayla approach Jay with a quandary. Nik says she just found out that, coincidentally, both she and Jayla have the same secret. She adds that they're a little bit different, because Jayla's is that she's afraid of the dark, while Nik's is that she's afraid of the dark and sleeps with a nightlight. Jayla gives Nik a funny look. Nik interviews that she's worried about how she'll perform after discovering that she and Jayla both have the same line, and adds that she thinks Jayla stole her secret. That's what the fallen Jehovah's Witnesses do, my friend. Jay says, "If that's really your little 'secret'? it." He says it in a way that indicates it's one dumb-ass secret.

Jayla shoots her commercial and says, "What's my secret? I'm scared of the dark." The director tells her to have a little more personality. Take two. "What's my secret? I sleep with a nightlight." Oooh. First of all, I didn't even know she was a bitch. Jay even gives a little double take at that. In the makeup room, Nik confirms with Kim and Kyle that Jayla stole the nightlight bit. Kyle interviews that she was surprised Jayla stole Nik's line, and says that's just wrong. And, kind of, it is. I don't think that Nik should be a baby about it, but it was shady. Jayla goes on to her photo shoot and does a great job. She interviews, "My body looked really good." Except for your gargantuan ears, Frodo. Backstage, Nik continues to complain, and says that what Jayla did is ugly. Jayla goes into her interview feeling great. Ryan flirts with her and says that she was fantastic and bubbly and super-cute. Never trust anyone who says "super-cute." Jayla shows not a hint of remorse, because she is a lapsed Jehovah's Witness. In an interview, an oddly-banged Jayla says that friendships mean not a thing to her in terms of the competition. And I kind of respect that.

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