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Previously: Jeff kept you hilariously entertained as I traipsed around with Eva and the rest of the leprechauns in Ireland. Jayla didn't really have a storyline but "continued to stray from her religious upbringing" by posing topless and just being bad all around, I guess. Lisa and Coryn were a she-nis's length away from coming to blows, but settled for a mere verbal expression of dislike and hate, respectively. Diane was sent home and nobody cared. Who will be eliminated next? I can hardly wait to find out!

It is night. Nik wipes away a tear and says that Diane, who has just been eliminated, was the closest person to her in the house. She feels vulnerable and doesn't want to let anyone in or be hurt, and will probably just be "a quiet girl" from now on. She says that the only person she has is herself. And given what is coming next, we see that she is probably right.

In contrast to nice, pretty Nik we have Jayla, who says that a lot of people are gone, which to her is better. She is not going to be satisfied unless she's number one and will claw her way there if she has to on the back of other failed Jehovah's Witnesses such as Michael Jackson and...that guy who came to my door over the summer and tried to give me a pamphlet about how gay people were bad because he couldn't decode my landlords' giant pride flag waving around in the breeze in front of the porch. Seriously, though, who's a Jehovah's Witness? (As a quick Google search informs us, none other than Naomi Campbell! HA! This is all part of Tyra's Master Plan!)

Meanwhile, it's Jacuzzi time. Lisa asks the other girls if they want bubbles in the Jacuzzi. They say yes, and she puts them in, which I think is a big, sticky Jacuzzi no-no. Coryn hangs around on the sidelines glaring, and confessionalizes that she can't stand Lisa. One glimpse of a wet-haired Coryn in the confessional indicates that, she-nis or no, girl can look rough. She says that Lisa told her if she wants to be "a supermodel...and do fashion and stuff like that..." Coryn needs to stop working out because her body is "too toned." We flash back to this very conversation, and I actually think Lisa showed great restraint in not using the words "hulking she-male." I mean, like her or no, Lisa kind of has a point. In an interview, a much more put-together but still drag-queen-resembling Coryn says that Lisa thinks she knows everything. She hopes Lisa goes.

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