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Previously: Monique and her crusty undies went home. Ten bitches remain!

It is evening in Los Angeles. Melrose, who is yet again in her raspberry beret (the kind you'd find in a secondhand store) tells Amanda that Monique battled Melrose the whole time she was there. Melrose was hoping that Monique would go home, and lo, it came to pass. Michelle interviews that Monique was the only girl in the house Michelle didn't like, and that when Monique was eliminated, everyone pretty much felt that justice was served. True justice would be Monique being locked into an airtight closet filled with a mountain of her own dirty underwear. Melrose interviews that being freed of the burden of wondering what Monique was going to do next is a relief.

And then, there are lots of girls in a big shower, getting all steamy and generally making a ruckus. It's a real Porky's 2 (Porking Boogaloo) kind of moment. Melrose, who is lying in bed, says in a moaning way that they're all only going to get three hours of sleep. It is 1:15 AM. Someone else asks how many girls can fit in the damn shower, and everyone gives a big "Wooooo!" Megg goes over and laughs, but does not yell, "Rock N' Roll!!!! Six girls in a shower is so rad, dude!" as one might expect. Melrose stands up against the wall with a sheet wrapped around her, and notes that they're all only going to get three hours of sleep, and can't the others be respectful? We see a bunch of naked legs in the shower, because showing more than the flesh of one perfectly turned ankle is, in itself, a form of disrespect. Megg interviews that she's frustrated with Melrose, and thinks that she shouldn't complain, because they're supposed to be having fun. Megg says that she just wants to rock n' roll and have a good time. Ah, there's our girl. Melrose says that she's asking the other girls to take it down for just one night. Cut to Megg powdering her face -- at 1:15 AM? -- saying quietly, "Bitch." Okay, that is kind of awesome. Brooke says that Melrose is always rubbing people the wrong way because she's a Little Miss Know-It-All. And, also, kind of an asshole. Though I have to say that, in this situation, I feel for her, because some times you just want bitches to shut up so you can go to damn bed. ["Word. Interfering with my sleep is the best way to get yourself murdered." -- Wing Chun]

The next morning, Jaeda tells some of the other girls that she has people looking at her like they're not exactly sure what she is -- is she a boyish girl, or girly boy? Oh my gosh, Jaeda is Pat! Seriously, though, who do they see other than the other models and production crew? Jaeda says that since she got her hair cut, she's not her normal self. Eugena tells her that people have seen women with short hair before, and that Jaeda's not the only one. I think that what Eugena is getting around to is, "It's not so much your hair as your face, Jowly McGee." Eugena and Jaeda share a confessional, in which Jaeda says that she's usually good at anything she tries, but that modeling is hard, hard work. Eugena also bemoans the difficulty of staring dead-eyed at nothing (tm Djb). Be glad you don't have to pick up trash off of the side of the highway like Monique, bitches.

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