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Previously: Tyra joined the final five girls for dinner, where they played along and pretended she was Oprah. At go-sees, the girls met South Africa's fashion elite and discovered that Keenyah is ruthlessly competitive, and also a big fat hoss. In the end, Christina couldn't overcome her ice queen reputation and was sent away to find herself some lips. Four girls remain! Who will be eliminated tonight?

We are in Cape Town, at the Rozenhof restaurant. Brittany spears some food off of Keenyah's plate and proceeds to eat it. Keenyah gives an exaggerated and irritated "Thanks, BRIT," and Brittany returns an exaggerated "You're WELCOME." And if I were Brittany, I would avoid taking food from Keenyah, because if her hunger is not sated, she might start to gnaw on Brittany's thigh while Brittany sleeps. Naima interviews that Keenyah and Brittany have formed a close friendship, and that Kahlen is Naima's best friend in the house. And I kind of love Naima's Mohawk, but when it's completely straight up and a little fluffy she looks like the Heat Miser. She's...too much! Naima talks about how hard it was for the girls to critique each other during the challenge at panel. We flash back to Keenyah saying that Naima has the least model potential because of her "shell." Keenyah interviews that Naima doesn't have an outgoing personality, and that "people aren't going to relate to her as much as they're going to relate to, like, Brittany. Or, you know, to [Keenyah herself]." In fact, people from all over the world stop Keenyah on the street and tell her how humble she is. And how her sports bra with a tube top over it indicates that she is on the cusp of cutting-edge couture. Fucking Keenyah.

Keenyah lectures that the whole point of the challenge was to see how much the girls had learned, and that she was going to pinpoint every flaw that the judges would notice to demonstrate her knowledge. As evidenced by the "she looks like she has her underwear" comment, which was actually plucked directly from Nigel's brain. Kahlen interviews that Keenyah always puts herself first, which is annoying. To wit, Keenyah says that she didn't care at that moment in the competition who was her friend. Brittany starts to make a point, and Keenyah snottily says that Brittany shouldn't interrupt her. Brittany tells Keenyah not to get rude with her like that, and adds that Keenyah cuts people off all the time. Keenyah says that she's getting better about that, but still isn't done with her sentence. Brittany interviews that, at this late point in the competition, the girls are starting to get annoyed with each other. Oh, I know how they feel. At the table, Brittany puts a mock gun to her head and pulls the trigger.

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