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Lisa is next. Twiggy loves her body shape, and says Lisa's photo is her favorite of the day. Nigel commends her on the intensity of her face, and Twiggy says it's beautiful and scary. Lisa, whose hair is straightened, says that she had fun with it. Tyra notes that something's different with Lisa and she seems sad. Lisa says that there's been a separation, and ever since she won the challenge, some girls in the house have become more distant and catty. Jenah and Sarah exchange a distant and catty look. Lisa continues that a lot of girls wish she weren't there and think it would be better without her. Tyra tells Lisa never to dull her shine for someone else. Miss J. says, "Jealousy, jealousy," under his breath. I'm sure this whole incident is going to make the girls like her a lot more.

Heather is next, and she gets a shout-out for showing some confidence as she walks up. Nigel says that Heather's shot is beautiful, but he hasn't seen her from the front yet in a photo. Heather says she wasn't trying to do that, and Tyra tells her it's her comfort zone. Now she has to break the comfort zone. Tyra says it's about confidence, and Heather needs to realize that she looks stunning straight on. Miss J. says that Heather can be America's Next Top Profile Model. Jenah's photo is beautiful. Tyra loves that it's strong as opposed to the soft, serene Jenah they're used to seeing. She adds that Jenah needs to be a little more polished when she comes to panel. Oh, give her a break, she's got the weave of death. Benny says that Jenah has a way of exuding sunlight in her face, and he likes the fact that she's beginning to use her body and risk it. What does any of that even mean? Saleisha's picture is good, and Nigel says it could be an ad. Tyra is proud of Saleisha, because she looked more high-fashion and pushed it in terms of her performance. She thinks that being in the bottom two was a wake-up call for Saleisha.

The judges deliberate. Nigel says that from week to week, you want to see progression, and Ebony is changing. Tyra brings up the fact that she's such a weirdo in person, and Nigel says this is the last time they can tell Ebony to be more personable. Miss J. wants to see Chantal less sexy, but Twiggy thinks that in the pictures of the past few weeks, she's looked more pretty and demure. Chantal's photo is one of her favorites of the week. Miss J. still doesn't see Ambreal as a high-fashion model, and Benny starts to vogue just to regain some of his cred. Sarah dropped the ball, according to Nigel, and missed the point. Twiggy thinks that Bianca's photo is beautiful and looks high fashion, and Benny agrees that she sold it. Janet does not look like a model to her, but her face is pretty. Tyra says she looks like Liza, and Benny says that's her personality. It is? Lisa's photo is Twiggy's favorite, and Benny adds that she needs to get some confidence and not let anyone destroy or derail where she's going. Nigel wants to see another side of Heather. Twiggy says that Jenah is extraordinary, but Tyra notes that she comes to judging looking like crap. Again, the weave. I mean, seriously you guys, it's not the girl's fault. Twiggy thinks that Saleisha has the potential of being a top model, and Tyra's happy to see the confidence in her photo.

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