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Chantal is next, and the judges give a, "Woo!" Twiggy says that the photo could have been raunchy, but isn't. Nigel makes fun of Twiggy for not finding the shot raunchy, but Tyra says that some shots of women in high-fashion magazines are actually sexy. She uses Gisele as an example, saying that she still brings a fashion element to the slutty poses she uses while wearing nothing but underwear. Point taken. Next is Ambreal. Miss J. says she looks like a fashionable robot. She does! More specifically, she looks like she's doing the robot. Nigel says that she looks like she's being comedic, and Benny adds that she's good at twisting her body, but doesn't have to have a twist in every shot. Miss J. asks if she was afraid on the roof, and she admits she was. Tyra thought that Ambreal looked extremely uncomfortable in her film, and gives the advice that when you're wearing an outfit with big shoulder pads, you need to pull up your neck. Bea Arthur must have heeded this lesson, because I can't think of a single Golden Girls-era caftan in which she lost her neck. Even though, as Tyra points out, actresses are allowed to have stubby necks.

Sarah is next. Nigel doesn't see gargoyle at all. He says it's a pretty picture, but not at all what they asked for. It is true that she's just standing there with her hands on her hips. I've never seen a gargoyle do that once. Twiggy tells her that, on a real shoot, this could have cost the client money and her a job. Bianca is next, and gets kudos on her whole look. She tells the panel that she's feeling her haircut. Her photo is one of the best of the bunch, according to Nigel, and Tyra thinks it's her first really effective picture. She commends Bianca on the open squint of her eyes, and tells her to study the picture and be better more often.

Then we have Janet. Twiggy says that Janet's face is very intense, and that she actually loves the photograph. Nigel, however, doesn't see many angles in the body, and notes that she looks small and compact. Janet brings up the bit about covering up her underwear, and Nigel tells her that her underwear could have been Photoshopped in a second. Benny tells her that she can't pay attention to those little details, and Tyra says that when you're doing editorial, you just have to get the shot and "embody yourself." I feel like Tyra was playing around with her magnetic fridge poetry one day and stumbled upon "embody yourself," and was like, "YES." In any case, if you're a catalogue model, you do need to have a sense of what color underwear you're wearing. Good to know. In any case, I think Janet knows she's screwed.

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