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Ambreal is next. Jay assures her that she's totally safe. She interviews that she's really scared, but she really wants to stay in the competition, so she has to man up and do it. Jay notes that she has the same face in every picture, which is her biggest problem overall. He tells Ambreal that he's glad she got over her fear, but he wishes she had more creativity and thinks she should be further along. Ambreal is upset for not doing as well as she could have. Then we have Ebony. Based on her normal demeanor, Jay thought the shoot was going to be quite dull. But surprise, surprise, Ebony turns it out. He asks, "How in the hell does she do that?" He asks what her secret is, since she always stands there as dull as dishwater, but as soon as they start shooting, she looks so good. Ebony doesn't know how she does it. Jay says he can't believe she was that good.

Back at the house, there is Tyra Mail. Judging tomorrow, and 1/10 of the girls will be sent home. Janet tells Lisa and Saleisha that she thought her shoot was good, and that it was something that Jay didn't expect from her. That is probably only true if he actually expected her to do well, which I doubt. Lisa thinks she's at the 50/50 point. She interviews that her goal, while there are still a good number of girls there, is to get called first. Ambreal is really nervous. She confessionalizes that she defeated herself with the heights thing, and it was really upsetting. She prays to God that she's not the fourth girl to leave, and adds that it feels like the devil is really after her right now. I somehow suspect that the devil is more intimately involved with Tyra's talk show, but okay. Commercials.

The girls enter panel, where Tyra actually looks pretty chic if a bit '80s in a strapless black dress. There are prizes, there are judges. Miss J.'s Chia fro is a little bigger than last week, and Twiggy is super-relieved that Victoria isn't there to sass her anymore. Benny Ninja is the guest judge. He's wearing a little cowboy hat and looks like a dead ringer for Blaine Edwards of Men on Film.

Ebony is up first for evaluation. She's still doing the weird thing where she chews her lips, but the judges love her photo. Nigel says it's broken and looks a little weird, but in a fashion way. In other words, and I know you're surprised to hear this sentiment come out of Nigel's mouth, it's so wrong it's right. Tyra thinks the photo is absolutely stunning. She notes that Ebony didn't seem to have fear on top of the building, but does appear like she's afraid to smile. Ebony admits that she is a little, because she thinks her gums are too big. Oooh, they kind of are on the corners of her mouth. You know what I'm talking about. Tyra gives her a lesson in requesting candy from strangers, noting that if you do so with a giant smile, you're much more likely to get the piece without the razor blade in it. In other words, you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar, sweetheart. I learned this lesson from a cab driver who also apparently gave Linda Blair life advice about getting out of an abusive relationship. Good times. Ebony smiles, and I swear all I can see are gums.

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