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High Flying, Unadored

We cut to Lisa, Janet and Ebony on the Akademiks advertorial shoot. Lisa tells us how fly everything and everybody was. Ebony tells us that Lisa did really well. Marc Baptiste, the photographer, says that Lisa has the complete package. The photos do look pretty good, though Janet is conspicuously a short Caucasian.

Back at home, Bianca quite accurately points out that Ambreal is hating on Lisa's challenge win and is "a tad bit jealous." They talk about who's going to go home, and a few people say Lisa, though Chantal adds that she takes such a good picture. Jenah cattily says that she thinks they all know who they'd vote off. Or DO they? The challenge winners come home and tell the other girls how much fun the shoot was. Everyone acts more or less disinterested. And then, Bianca can't resist. She asks Lisa, "Is that makeup making you break out?" "Is that makeup making you break out" is the new "You're borderline plus-size." Janet instantly points out that Bianca is hatin'. Lisa interviews that she really doesn't get it -- if it's jealousy or intimidation or the fact that they don't like her personality, which she says is okay, too. My guess is all of the above.

Meanwhile, apparently not everyone hates Lisa, because Saleisha is telling her all the shit the other girls talked about her. They apparently said it would be nice if she weren't there. Well, maybe it would be. Maybe they're sick of waking up from a nap to find her giving them a lap dance, you know? Maybe they don't like it when she forces them to put a dollar in her g-string for old times' sake. Lisa says this makes her want to work even harder and spit in the faces of the other girls when they go home. She gives the customary disliked-girl's interview, saying she's not there to make friends and doesn't care what they think. And, she adds, whether they like it or not, she's still there. Commercials.

And you know who's still there whether we like it or not? Yeah, it's Jaslene.

When we return, there is Tyra Mail. "When you're on top, never look down." Screams! Excitement! Jenah wonders if they'll be jumping out of a plane. Saleisha simply says, "We're high." Oh, I have no doubt. Ambreal interviews that she does not do heights at all. She'll do what she has to do, but isn't looking forward to the shoot. To add to Ambreal's annoyance at the sorry state of her life, Janet asks if she'll help her with posing. Ambreal begrudgingly says that she's tired, but she'll do it. Janet interviews a variation on all of her other interviews, saying that she knows she can improve and just has to watch her body angles.

The girls head to the Omni Hotel in downtown L.A. and go up to the roof. Saleisha and Sarah have to hold both of Ambreal's hands as they lead her up the stairs. Jay makes note of the fact that she's crying and does not look happy, and she admits her fear of heights to him. She says that she feels like a baby, but can't help what she's scared of. I want to throw her in a very small, dark tank of water with a clown and a shark, to see if she can help being scared of any of those things. Jay tells the girls that sometimes the world of fashion is going to take them to new heights and push them to the edge of their limits. To wit, for this shoot they are going to be -- say it with me now -- high-fashion gargoyles. They thought about doing this shoot last year, but figured it would give Jaslene an unfair advantage. The girls will pose on a platform to give the illusion that they're on the edge of a building. Mike Rosenthal of the "harmful side effects of smoking" shoot will be the photographer. What's with all the repeats so early in the season? We want fresh blood!

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