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The girls practice their flips standing first, then take the ice. Janet is up first, and has to convey anger. Or, as she interprets it, "A blind person smelling something bad." Ann Shoket thinks that Janet's attempt was on par with the stink of the invisible thing she was smelling. Jenah expresses sorrow, and Sarah gets anger, or as she interprets it, "Nothing." Bianca's emotion is joy, and she puts on a big smile, which Ann Shoket loves. Chantal also gets joy, and also puts on a big smile. Dani says that Chantal did well, and that she's keeping an eye on her. Heather's emotion is anger, but it's hard to even get to the point of thinking about emotions as her poor skating partner cannot lift her at all. She tells us that her body was not cooperating. Maybe her body can't look her in the eye because of the Asperger's?

Lisa is up next, and Benny gives her sorrow. If, as Lisa did, a person has spent six years in foster care and seen every kind of hurt, I imagine this one comes easy. The judges think it's beautiful, even though to me she just looks confused. Bianca, as will come as no surprise, thinks that Lisa's pose was cheesy and clumsy and not at all graceful, but Ann thinks that Lisa's energy radiated throughout the rink. Saleisha expresses joy fairly well, though I'm sure it would have been better if she had been reunited with her roller skates and lifted by Jo. a hot mess per usual. Ambreal tells us that Benny likes exaggerated things, so she went a little over the top on the joy.

Benny gives his critique. Ambreal was too cheesy; Lisa was extremely focused with body placement and was on par. Janet's eyes got lost and she needs to commit. Dani says that Heather made her nervous. Heather makes everybody nervous. Bianca's commitment to the poses was good. Ebony's sorrow, says Ann, was as corny as a cornfield. Or, as corny as saying something is as corny as a cornfield. The winner of the competition will get to show off her poses in an ad in Seventeen for Akademiks, also featuring Danielle! And the winner is...Lisa. Wow! Lisa is excited. Jenah, Ambreal and Saleisha do not look at all happy for her. Benny tells us that the judges made a unanimous decision. And I mean, given the general suckitude of the field, I don't know that this is too high a compliment. Still, good prize. Lisa gets to pick two friends, and goes with Janet and Ebony. Again, Jenah, Ambreal and Saleisha are pissed.

Sarah tells us that she's kind of surprised Lisa won, since she sucked. Sarah thought Bianca, Jenah or Ambreal would have gotten it. Everyone discusses it in the limo, and someone notes that Am is pissed. She's all off to the side, reading a leaflet or something. The hell? Back at home, Ambreal interviews that she's pissed off, but happy for Lisa, even though she didn't think Lisa did that well. Yeah, she seems sooooo happy for Lisa right now. How magnanimous of her. Ambreal says she feels like she does well, but then always gets the critique that she does too much. She gets a few tears. Oh, buck up, Miss Entitlement.

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