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Somebody Does, In Fact, Put Wendy in the Corner

Danielle is first. Her new weave looks ratty as hell. Her legs are spread wide in the photo. Nigel says that she has a commanding presence, but that her hair looks like shit.

Kari is next, and her photo is amazing. It looks nothing like her. Tyra commends her for her willingness to try ugly moves, which can be cropped into non-ugly moves. There's a life lesson for you.

Leslie looks a little too Maxim for the judges.

Mollie Sue is Tyra's fantasy girl with her short hair, but Ms. J. tells her that, being one of the shorter girls, she should never come to judging without heels. Mollie Sue looks edgy and masculine in her cover, which is a good thing.

Wendy's pose is too safe. Tyra, for reasons still mysterious to me, makes a lackey come and wet down Wendy's hair so that it can be pulled into a bun. Yes, have a stranger come and pour water on the girl from New Orleans. That is extremely sensitive and motherly of you, Tyra. Tyra asks if the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina is affecting Wendy's performance in the competition. Wendy says that she tries not even to think about it.

Joanie is next. Twiggy thinks she looks very high-fashion, but Tyra says she's playing it safe with her pose.

Next, Sara, whose photo is disappointing to Twiggy. Nigel notes that she doesn't appear to be comfortable with her makeover, which is, of course, true.

Twiggy loves everything about Brooke. Her photo gets kudos, and Nigel and Twiggy give her the "you're so wrong, you're right" spiel. I thought they only said that about people behind their backs.

Furonda is next, and Nigel tells Furonda that she needs to be more of a presence. Tyra says that Furonda did much better this week.

Gina needs to learn more about her angles. Her photo is not a cover, but it's beautiful.

Tyra notes that Nnenna won the challenge for the week. Her photo is fierce in a fashion-forward way, even though Tyra says she's awkward every now and then.

Finally, Jade stands before the judges. Twiggy notes that Jade scares her a little because she's so aggressive. Nigel asks if Jade is angry, and Jade starts going into her drama with the other girls in the house. She says that she knows she's a threat, and that she's had the most dramatic transition. Tyra says that there have been many more dramatic transitions in past seasons, and Nigel tells her to leave her bullshit at the door. Jade's photo is in profile, which doesn't work. She starts to make excuses about her eye makeup, and Nigel tells her that she needs to stop bitching so much. Tyra says that modeling isn't about making the model look good, it's about making the product look good. Jade is whipped and gives a meek "okay."

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