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The Jays joke around, with Ms. J. saying that his personal style is "Ghetto Project Fabulous." Jay combs out Ms. J's hair, saying that her personal style is actually akin to Al Sharpton's. That is somewhat accurate, but the truth is that Ms. J. is a dead ringer for Florence from The Jeffersons. Jay tells the girls that they'll be going to the Gen Art fashion show, and that they will have to find outfits in that show that are adaptable to their own personal styles.

In the limo going home, Jade talks some more about the hair. She says that "they're" trying to test her. Jade tests others so much that she is practically a Scantron sheet. I would like to give her a number two pencil made of arsenic. Jade interviews, "The judges don't want to make it look so easy, because I'm sure the world is like, 'Oh. This girl...this girl got something.'" And the world ends that sentence with, "Perhaps it's some sort of personality disorder. Or, just for the hell of it, crabs." It's hard to be nice when you're so itchy all the time. Jade says that Furonda is a "true Miss Diva" because she's really feeling her new hair and won't stop looking in the mirror.

Back at home, Furonda says that she's about to hand out her rules. Furonda, in this clip, still has her short hair, so clearly her fluffy tiara of truth gives her the ability to go back in time. Furonda whips out a printed piece of paper that is headed with "Furonda's Tips for Successful Interaction." Okay, that is the greatest. They are this:

1. I will treat you in a way identical to, or worse than, the way you treat me.
2. I am the best person to discuss me with.
3. If you need anything other than emergency items, please do not ask me.
4. Stay out of my personal business unless I invite you in.

There appears to be additional information that we aren't privy to as well. Furonda has long hair again as she gives a copy to each girl. The others are all like, "WTF?" They say that Furonda is a diva and a prima donna and thinks she is queen bee. Jade says that Furonda thinks she's an imitation Naomi Campbell, but she is all twisted. But seriously, how awesome is Rule#3? Also, "Or worse than." Furonda may look busted, but she's secretly becoming my favorite. Commercials.

When we return, Furonda verifies that she feels fabulous and beautiful with her new hair. Jade asks Furonda how she's going to wear her crown, which is I guess what she calls the fluffy tiara. Furonda kindly says that Jade can wear it, which I guess technically doesn't violate Rule #3, since Jade didn't ask for the crown. Jade says that she wouldn't be caught dead in the crown. She interviews that she felt confident coming into the competition, but then she points to her hair (or, one might conjecture, her face) and says, "But to pull this off? Dude." Furonda and Jade continue their little dance of "I didn't even know you were a bitch." Furonda says that people have always hated that they can't get under her skin. Jade says that hate is a strong word. Agreed, but it is nonetheless appropriate whenever Jade is involved.

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