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Somebody Does, In Fact, Put Wendy in the Corner

The judges discuss. Nnenna has quiet confidence according to Nigel. Gina is pretty but not a model. Nigel says that she's dazed and confused in person. He doesn't know the half of it. Everyone loves Brooke. Sara still has a bit of the gawky teenager about her, but has a great look. Nigel says that he likes Joanie okay, but that as soon as she opens her mouth, her giant snaggletooth -- which apparently makes a noise like an elephant, if the sound editor is to be believed -- is all he sees. And seriously, girl has quite a tooth. Ms. J. says that a call to 1-800-SMILE will fix that. Wendy gets mixed reviews, as does Leslie. Mollie Sue's haircut gets raves from Twiggy. Rachel says she thinks Furonda could walk every runway in Europe, whereas Nigel says that "Furonda is Gone-da" for him, and that she looks like E.T. in a wig. Twiggy would like to watch Kari some more. Danielle is beloved by Twiggy. Tyra says that Danielle reminds her of the girls she grew up with in Inglewood, and does her best ghetto impersonation. It involves hopscotch, and that's all I'm going to say. Twiggy appears uneasy, while Rachel thinks about how delicious hopscotch chalk must taste. That's what happens when you don't eat for fifteen years. Twiggy says that Jade is Scary Spice to her, but Ms. J. thinks that they knocked some of the arrogance out of her. Nigel, not to be outdone by just any ghetto impression, counters with "Jade just needs to get laid." Ms. J. looks like he wants to clutch his pearls as he thinks about how gross Nigel is. And seriously, that is the least of Jade's problems.

Twelve lovely girls stand before Tyra, but she only has eleven photos. And who gets the photos? Everyone except for Jade and Wendy. The judges see a model in person with Wendy, but are less than impressed with her photos. Her potential hasn't been put to use. And also, they found her parents, so purpose served. Jade is a giant asshole. But she nonetheless gets a photo and another week in the competition. Tyra says that her arrogance is based in insecurity, but that she has another chance to show them "The Real Jade." Please, Lord, anything but that!

Poor Wendy is crying and in shock. Though I don't think she's such a looker, I do feel bad for her. I mean, the girl has been through enough, you know? She says that her family will be proud that she made it this far, and that she likes to think of this as a beginning rather than an end.

Next week, runway training. Gina wants to watch Danielle shower. And the girls must pose with a tiny version of Kathy. Oh, sorry, I guess it's actually a cockroach.

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