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The Girl Who's Not No Fucking Lesbo

The next day there is Tyra Mail. "Are you ready to be spooked by the ghosts of the past?" No one knows what this means. Meanwhile, Natasha looks like hell. She says that she hasn't slept all night because she was thinking about her baby. She thinks the whole day is going to be bad. Ruh roh!

The girls head to L.A.'s famous Miauhaus, where they meet Mr. Jay. He points out the fact that Natasha's not smiling, and that the competition is getting tough. Jay notes that, this week, they learned all about acting and embodying a character, so it stood to reason that, for this photo shoot, they should reenact infamous characters from past seasons of ANTM. While doing so, they'll also be modeling Payless shoes and accessories. Which, I guess, are the only shoes and accessories that infamous characters from past seasons of ANTM can afford. The photographer for the day is Matthew Jordan Smith, who has done photo shoots in past seasons, as well as several photos of Tyra.

The girls head to hair and makeup, and then a pretty-looking Jaslene goes first. She will be playing Bre, who had her granola bars stolen. Jay asks Jaslene how she's going to play it, and then...surprise! Out comes Bre! Jaslene tells us that it's like a whole Top Model reunion. Bre tells us that, a long, long time ago, she had a box of granola bars. And then, drama ensued. I have to say that Bre looks pretty good, and like less of a crazy bitch. Jaslene sits on a big, oversized box of "Yummy Healthy" granola bars, and confirms that she should still be rocking the Payless shoes. Matthew tells her that she should be rocking everything. They start the shoot, and Jaslene is giving a hilarious super-fierce face. Jay says that every once in a while, she went too over the top, and was a little too drag. Well, that's a surprise! Jaslene really has no interaction with Bre, either.

Backstage, Sutan is shocked that Dionne has a two-year-old. Meanwhile, Natasha talks to Christian, and says that she guesses that somebody decided that she didn't miss her baby as much as other girls missed their babies, and so they just "skipped on" her. But did they skip on the lou? Because that sounds like it would cheer everybody up. Natasha interviews that when she feels something, it shows all over her face. She says that she just can't do the photo shoot, and then we head to commercials. Oh, that is such a fake-out. Give us some credit after all these years, Top Model!

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