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The Girl Who's Not No Fucking Lesbo

We cut to Dionne's mom telling Jael that she's going to have to have a talk with Tyra, because Tyra's going to have to do something about older women in wheelchairs. Well, that seems kind of like a niche market, doesn't it? Dionne tells us that when she was six years old, her mom was shot by a guy who was jealous that she was getting married. She was trying to help the guy get off drugs, but then he shot her, and she's been paralyzed ever since. Holy moly. But, you know, this is what I love about Dionne. With any other contestant on this show, I feel like we would have heard constantly about how hard she's had it in life because her mom's in a wheelchair and she had a baby at nineteen and has to put herself through dental school, etc. But Dionne just takes it all in stride, does her job, and kicks ass. There's no self-pity and no excuses, even though it would stand to reason that she's had a tough time of it.

Renee has Troy walk down the runway in their house. She says that Ms. J. would have his head on a platter for that walk. For real, the kid walks like he has no knees. Renee interviews that Troy is the light of her life, and gives a heartfelt thanks to Tyra for this prize. She must also be happy that her husband got to see a real live house, where people who aren't maybe-homeless live. I am glad that two of the girls with kids got the family visit, and not only because I like to see other people's babies and think how my theoretical babies are going to kick their ass in the cuteness department. Meanwhile, Dionne is redoing her daughter's hair. Poor Ta'Kya looks like either Kid or Play. I'm sure that's not how she wanted her feature television debut to end up. Once Dionne puts in a couple of braids it looks better, though. Dionne says that seeing her daughter has made her feel better, and given her inspiration.

However, there is a flip side to all this joy. Natasha watches Renee hold Troy, and says that when she sees a mother and child, she starts to cry. She interviews that she was really happy for Renee and Dionne, but at the same time, she was missing her baby. She understood that they got to see their kids because of the challenge win, but at the same time, she couldn't deal with her emotions. She calls Stuart and bawls. She says that she thought she would see Angelina too, so when the folks showed up at the door, she went running out looking for her baby. Oh, that is pretty sad. Stuart is just like, "Uh...sorry." When you order something from a catalogue and then it turns up at your door and starts to have feelings, it can be pretty tough to deal with, I guess. Dionne tells us that the hardest thing was saying goodbye to her baby, but that she's there to do a job and win the competition, so she just has to get over it. Renee kisses Jason and Troy goodbye while wearing yet another headscarf. She tells us that this was the happiest day of her life. Even happier than the day everyone told you how much and exactly why you suck? I have a hard time believing that!

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