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The Girl Who's Not No Fucking Lesbo

Efren says that all of the girls were good, but one was fully connected in what she was doing. And it's Renee! Oh, good for her. She hasn't won anything yet, and I hear positive reinforcement is good for the rehabilitation. Renee gets to pick a friend to share in her prize. This is problematic, because she has no friends. She ends up going with Dionne, who is really surprised. Renee says that Dionne said she wasn't going to give her another chance, so I guess Renee is trying to win friends by buying them. Eh, whatever works. Dionne interviews that she knows Renee doesn't like her for real, but that she's trying to make a change, so Dionne is going to go with the flow. Jael says that Dionne is easily bought. Instead of going with the flow, Jael -- if her hair is any indication -- is apparently going with the Flowbee. Efren gives Renee and Dionne their prizes, which are...tiny t-shirts. One reads "Vote For Renee," and the other reads "Vote For Dionne." Dionne says, "...this is so cute," but her tone says, "Where are my diamonds, fool?" Whitney, whose wrist is worth $40,000, gloats.

The next day, Jael makes fun of Renee's prize. Renee interviews that she's just grateful to have won a challenge, and that she's really excited about her t-shirt. Whitney says that Renee has been walking around and smiling, and has been taking major steps to become a better person. She's going to make a change for once in her life, you know? And I'll tell you, it's going to feel real good. It's gonna make a difference. Gonna make it right.

Meanwhile, there is a knock at the door. Jaslene and Brittany open it. Dionne comes walking out and drawls, "What the hay-elllll...." And then we hear screams. Oh, please let it be a scary man with an axe. Commercials.

When we return, we see lots of people with babies waiting outside of the door. It turns out that Renee and Dionne's real prize is having their families visit. Awwww! Renee confessionalizes that it was great to see her husband, Jason, and her baby, Troy, and that she was thrilled when her son remembered her. Her biggest fear was that he was going to forget her. Oh, that is so sad! Though maybe, in the long run, better for the child. Dionne says that, at first, her eyes went blank, and then she saw her mom (who is using a wheelchair), her sister, and her baby. And the first thing that came to her mind, she says, was, "What the fuck is wrong with my baby's hair?" HA! Dionne says that her sister has all boys, and doesn't know how to do hair, and thus fucked up Dionne's baby's hair. She was pissed but, she adds, she was glad to see them. I love the righteous anger of the plentiful barrettes.

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