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The Girl Who's Not No Fucking Lesbo

Tyra shares the premise of the shoot. She says that the photos have a comic-book style this week because, as we know, Top Model can be comical at times. Those times being from 8-9 PM EST on Wednesday nights. I mean, is she for real?

Whitney is up first. Nigel says that, as theatrical as Whitney is, he doesn't see her passion in the picture. Twiggy agrees. Matthew says that when she walked out in front of the judges, she showed passion and energy, but that he didn't see that during the shoot at all. Tyra asks Whitney why she thinks she loses it on set, and Whitney says that she thought she brought energy to the photos, and that it's too bad that it didn't come across. Tyra says that Whitney did a good job with her expression, but just didn't look like a model. Ho hum.

Next up is Brittany. Twiggy thinks her photo is great. Nigel says that she looks gorgeous in between Michelle and Amanda, both of whom photograph extremely well. For Brittany to stand out is impressive. Tyra says that one of the reasons the twins stuck around so long is that they have an awkwardness that works in the fashion world. Brittany posed to match that awkwardness. Yeah, because she isn't normally awkward in the slightest.

Then there is Jaslene. Nigel says that she has to soften up her body. Tyra says that she doesn't think Jaslene is getting stronger in her pictures -- instead, she's getting weaker. Her photos went from being too draggy to being boring, and that it was like she couldn't find her footing. Well she was wearing Payless shoes. What do you expect?

Next is Natasha. Twiggy says that she looks extraordinary, especially for having horrendous blemishes all over her. Nigel thinks that she's beginning to learn how to model, and that it's showing in her pictures. Tyra says that Natasha gets a note, and makes corrections accordingly. She's been relaxing her mouth according to Tyra's instructions, and it's made a big difference in her photos. Matthew commends Natasha for turning it on even when she was feeling down.

Next up is Dionne. She admits that she was scared for the shoot, because she's never kissed a girl before. She says that she only puts her lips on men, and that she was uncomfortable. Ms. J. says that she was scared because she knew she would like it. Dionne is all, "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" even though she admitted the very same thing earlier. Twiggy thinks that her photo is fabulous, especially since she was uncomfortable. Matthew says that Dionne was his favorite girl of the day. Well, yeah, she was getting all handsy with another girl. What's not to like?

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