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Previously: Nnenna verbally bitch-slapped her whiny loser boyfriend on the phone over and over again, until we hated them both. More. Jade swirled and twirled to success on the runway and krumped like a whore worthy of Charlie Sheen to impress all with her photo shoot. And Leslie of the weird posture and boring edit was sent home. Seven bitches remain! And one of them will be approximately one snaggletooth lighter at the end of the hour.

The bitches hang out at the House of Haunted Headless Horror after eliminations. Joanie interviews that she's been getting praise from Tyra, and that her krumping photo was amazing. She's proud of herself, and notes that she finally "came out number one." Unlike, say, in her fifth-grade English class. Brooke, on the other hand, notes that Tyra has said that none of her photos has come out well. Except for that last one, which the judges loved, remember? Oh, suspicious edit, how I recognize thee instantly. Brooke thinks that she needs to step it up.

In news that will totally shock you, Nnenna is on the phone with her loser boyfriend, John. He says that he never accused her of anything, and only told her that he was hurt. Oh, yay, another loving and rational conversation. Furonda tells us that Nnenna and John are having some problems, which all started when Nnenna kissed Vaughn, the male model on the "career day" photo shoot. I have a feeling that the problems started way before that -- perhaps when John hit puberty, and the first hairs of his scraggly moustache made their entrance into this world. John yells that he was feeling bad because he missed Nnenna, dammit. Nnenna interviews that her problem with John is that he misses her and doesn't know how to deal with it. I think what she means to say is that he's a needy fink. Nnenna says that she realizes there's nothing she can do about it, because John's at home and she's there. Well, she could maybe stop calling him, or at least do so under the cover of darkness, so that we didn't have to see it every freaking episode. If I want to see a bad relationship play out, I'll just unpack some repressed memories from my childhood, thanks. Furonda says that Nnenna needs to resolve this shit, or it's going to affect her performance in the competition.

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