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Meanwhile, Nicole still has a life as a Cover Girl. During Fashion Week, she hosted a segment for VH1 called "At The Tents," where she got to...hang out with the tents. I don't know. From the looks of things, VH1 could have probably set up the tents in Nicole's eyebrows.

We return to some topless hot tub hijinx. Yes! Leslie is one half of the topless duo, which is a welcome sight. The other half is Jade. Leslie confessionalizes that she can't imagine going home to boring, mundane Higley, Arizona. She says that after all of her experiences of the past several weeks, she just can't settle for that. She can come live with me, and we can have half-naked fashion shows in my living room every night. You're all invited!

And now it's time for a particularly chatty and anecdotal Tyra Mail! "Sometimes on the morning of an important job, I used to get really bad stomach krumps. But I still got off my butt and worked it." The girls try to puzzle it out, and then Furonda shakes her skinny little butt because she knows what's up.

The girls meet Jay Manuel on a rooftop. He asks why the girls look so tired, and then yells that it's a great morning in downtown Los Angeles. He is so full of shit because it is totally cloudy and actually looks pretty cold. He continues to feign enthusiasm as he tells the girls that today they'll be doing a really cool shoot for -- wait for it -- Payless. They've done Wal-Mart, they've done Sears, and now Payless. The only place they can go from here is to model the clothes from one of those yellow Planet Aid bins. Work it like you're close to being homeless! Jay says that Payless shoes are not only affordable, they're hip. Jay also has some property on the moon and a subtle self-tanner he'd like to sell you. ["I will grant that Payless shoes are usually pretty trendy, but that's because you're only supposed to wear them for two months before they completely fall apart because they are so poorly made." -- Wing Chun] Jay asks the girls what they think they'll be doing for the shoot. Nnenna interviews with a totally straight face that, since they were on top of a roof, she could only imagine that they would be leaping from the building. Oh my God, why are they all so dumb? Jay tells them that they'll be doing a little dancing with Tommy the Clown and his merry band of krumpers. So, the thing about Tommy the Clown is...he's a clown. He may be a krumping clown, but he's a clown nonetheless, and to many people (including P. Diddy!), that is terrifying. Of course, I guess the producers felt that if the girls have been able to look at Tyra all these weeks and not have an attack, they probably don't suffer from coulrophobia. What this scary clown and krumping have to do with Payless shoes and a rooftop, however, I do not know. Jay explains that krumping is a high-energy style of hip-hop dance that is reminiscent of breakdancing. Tommy and posse will be krumping it up with the girls in the photo. Jade interviews that dancing is like a fulfillment to the soul for her, and adds, "Jade can dance." Trevor O'Shana is the photographer. Jay tells them to remember the energy and show off the shoes.

Leslie says that she needs to step it up. She adds that she used to dance, so she knows that she can get a good shot. Jade dances it up in the dressing area. She's such a fool. Sara says that she took ballet when she was young. Joanie tells Jay that she can dance, and he acts surprised and makes a big deal out of the fact that the white girl can dance. Such is the power of racist stereotypes that Jay dyed himself orange just so that people wouldn't automatically assume that he has no rhythm.

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