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Double Trouble

The girls line up before Sol and Lloyd and find out the winner. It is my sad duty to inform you that the winner is Jade. Along with you and me, Jesus wept. Joanie interviews that she was working it, and was mad that she didn't win. Jade does several dances of happiness and fondles her own breasts. Danielle interviews that Jade was tripping. If only she were tripping in front of a bus. Jade gets the $25,000 diamond ring. Sol tells her to pick a friend who will get a $10,000 diamond ring. Jade -- thinking that perhaps diamonds have skin-clearing powers -- picks Furonda. Furonda then gets to pick a friend to get an $8,000 diamond ring. She picks Nnenna. But the real gem of the bunch is Sara, who says she's not disappointed that Jade didn't pick her to share in the prize, but is disappointed that she didn't earn it herself. Sara is a class act amongst a crowd that is filled with mostly ass acts. Additionally, poor Furonda wears the ugliest clothes.

In the car on the way home, Jade celebrates her victory and thanks Jesus. She is in the car with Nnenna, Furonda, and Leslie. Nnenna notes that Jade has two challenge victories and Furonda has one. Leslie notes that she has zero. In the other car, Sara, Joanie, Danielle and Brooke talk. Joanie tells the girls that she didn't want Jade to win. Brooke says that she doesn't think Jade can win the competition, and adds that even though Nnenna has won a lot of the mini-challenges, she doesn't think she can win the competition, either. Brooke interviews that she's in the competition to do well, and not to get involved in petty differences. Well, then Brooke would do well to cool it with the shit-talking, wouldn't she? She says that she doesn't like Nnenna, and adds that even though she handles her stress in a different way than the others do, it doesn't mean she's a crybaby. I feel like everyone's always crying on this show, so I don't know what her (or Nnenna's) hangup is.

Back at the house, Brooke talks to her dad. She cries like a little baby, but that doesn't make her a crybaby. She tells her dad that she hates it in the house, and notes that she called someone a name and feels awful about it. Oh, please. Nnenna is calling you 150 worse things in her mind right this minute. Brooke says that it's not really like her to be like that, but that she's overcome by the pressure. Her dad sounds awesome and is very sweet and supportive. He ends the call by telling her to "give 'em heck," and I think we now have some idea where she gets her simpering yet sweet worldview from. She tells her dad that she loves him very much, and they hang up as we head to commercials.

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