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Double Trouble

The girls get outfitted. Leslie tells the makeup artist that she was a bit afraid of walking the runway, because she never wore high heels before she was in the competition. Sara, who is outfitted like Elizabeth Taylor after her brain surgery, in a long white gown with matching turban, says that the clothes are beautiful, but that she's not sure how she's going to swirl and twirl in them.

Roy serves as the announcer for the show, and unleashes his inner queen. Danielle swirls a little with a long white wrap. She is wearing a turban, as well. Actually, I think all the girls have them. Turbans: the must-have assessory for spring! As Danielle walks, I notice that the majority of the congregation members are white. Shrug. Maybe the rest all went back to Africa in a show of solidarity with Nnenna. Lloyd Klein says that Danielle needs more personality on the runway.

Leslie walks out in a short puffy skirt that serves to disguise her duck booty, at least in part. She says that she did her best, and that if Miss J. doesn't like it, too bad.

Brooke -- taking not only twirling but speaking cues from the Aswirl twins -- says, "The dresses I was wearing was very difficult for myself to walk in," and notes that she was worried about tripping. She looks slouchy and weird, kind of like a mental patient. Well, good to see that Jade didn't corner that market, I guess.

Nnenna walks in formal hot shorts and looks pretty good. Joanie interviews that the energy level was great on the runway, and that she and Jade can really compete, because she thinks that's who it's between. She doesn't clarify whether "it" means the runway competition, or the whole Top Model shebang.

Sara walks out, and twirls as much as she can given that her dress is very tight at the bottom with an awkward train. She says that she didn't feel comfortable in the dress, and that she's sure it showed.

Joanie walks out and looks like a really sexy, twirling, hot nun in her weird black and white dress. But seriously, hot. Very drag queen-ish, but that's sort of the whole point. Joanie says that one of the hairdressers told her that she has one of the hottest looks today. Out: Orthodontia. Five minutes ago: Veneers. In: Snaggleteeth. Joanie says that she's working it out for God. She's so funny.

And then, of course, there's Jade, who twirls all the way down the runway. She does look kind of great in a twirling sort of way, but she also is wearing a dress that's particularly susceptible to twirling. Roy says that Jade's twirling is what a community fashion show is all about. Well, send her to Bakersfield, then, and let's get on with the competition. Joanie interviews that she definitely thinks she won the runway challenge.

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