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Double Trouble

Also feeling the heat is Sara, who says that she keeps hearing the same stuff about "owning" her height, but doesn't know how to practice that. Sara talks to her boyfriend, and says that she's feeling really lonely. She tells him that they have been working on runway stuff, and that she feels like she's been slouching much more. Sara interviews that there are other girls in the competition who have always wanted to model, whereas she was found in a mall. She should really be thankful for that, because the girls who are found in the mall or on the street or on the bus home from middle school are always the successful ones. I expect Sara to say that the competition doesn't mean much to her because of this, but instead, she says that she really wants to prove that she deserves to be there. Brava, Sara! She just seems so level-headed. Sara's boyfriend notes that it's probably going to get more stressful, and she agrees.

The next morning, the girls go to a church. The Hallelujah Chorus plays. Jade interviews that she wondered why they were there, but says that of course she blessed herself with holy water. This might explain the sizzling burns we later see on her person. Nice try, Countess Bathory. Joanie reminds us that she's a preacher's daughter, and hasn't missed a Sunday service since she was in the womb. Not even the morning after winning the amateur contest at Beavers N' Tails? Well done, my friend! The girls meet special-events producer Roy Campbell. He looks like a plump Eddie Murphy and is an F.O.T. (friend of Tyra). He tells the girls that they will be tested on their accessory removal and swirling/twirling skills in a church fashion show. Jade interviews, "Anything that has to do with runway, I don't care if it's the Sahara desert. If there's a runway, Jade is going to be on it." If I have any say in the matter, it will be the runway at Logan Airport, and there will be a 747 hurtling toward her. Run, Jade, run!

Roy explains to us that, in the early 1940s, blacks couldn't attend fashion shows, and so had to put on their own. "Vintage church fashion show" footage shows us that puffy sweatshirts were more popular in the early 1940s than we had initially suspected. Church fashion shows are therefore a big tradition in the black community, says Roy. He tells the girls that, today, they are expected to sashay, swirl, twirl, and make their fashions come alive. The entire congregation of the church has been invited to attend and bear witness to the girls' holy suckitude. Brooke wonders how, when she can barely walk normally, she is going to handle this dramatic swirling and twirling business. The girls will be wearing fashions by designer Lloyd Klein, who apparently makes really puffy dresses. They'll also be working with jewelry designer Sol Rafael. Sol tells them that he and Lloyd will be judging the girls, and that the winner of this challenge will win a diamond ring worth $25,000. See, a new wardrobe from Sears is not a good prize. $25,000 worth of diamonds is a good prize.

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