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Double Trouble

Brooke tells Leslie that Nnenna is sitting back there, laughing at her, and asks what makes Nnenna so much better than her. Well, probably nothing, except maybe her sense of self-confidence. Brooke then says in a weird high voice, "She's from AFRICA? Go back to Africa if it's so damn great." And at that moment I just put my hand in my heads, because I know the forums entirely too well. Thanks for ruining my Thursday, asshole. For the record, I don't think that Brooke made that comment with racist intentions, but you have to be a really huge idiot not to be aware that "go back to Africa" has a lot of really terrible connotations, and that you shouldn't say it, like, ever. Oy. Nnenna tells Jade that Brooke is an emotional wreck and cries every day. Just as she says this, Brooke walks by their room and yells, "I DON'T CRY!" followed by a much more calm "You are a fucking bitch, Nnenna." Nnenna smirks, and we head to commercials.

We return and see exactly what we just saw. Drugs haven't damaged my short-term memory that much, UPN. Brooke tells Danielle that she can't believe what she just said. Danielle tells Brooke that everyone thought she was so sensitive, but now everybody's like, "Dang, she can wig out on you." Danielle says that's a good thing, and I agree. I always like to employ just a hint of crazy in my dealings with others. It keeps them on their toes. Brooke laughs. She interviews that she called Nnenna something she shouldn't have, and is really ashamed. Oh, calling someone a chemist isn't that bad. Danielle interviews that if you go off on somebody, you shouldn't apologize, but should rather go full-force. Own it, in other words. I love Danielle. I really hope she wins.

Tyra Mail! Joanie comes in wearing a laundry basket on her head. Someone asks why, and she says that she's a basket case. Heh. The Tyra Mail reads, "Sashay, chanté." Chanté chanté chanté. Oh, those were good times. If you didn't come of age in the 1990s, I am sorry that you missed the era when drag queens were cool. Go out and rent The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert and take some Ecstasy just to get a taste of what it was like. Leslie interviews that she doesn't even have her walk down, much less a signature walk, so she is quite worried. Well, she should be. The other girls try to help her. Leslie says that she doesn't feel like she's sticking her butt out. Flashback to finals week, where Miss J. said that Leslie has a duck booty. Joanie says that Leslie might just have a longer butt. Leslie interviews that she should probably watch more runway. And, perhaps, get a rod in her spine. Really, I don't know if she can do anything about that posture.

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