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Double Trouble

The next morning, the girls stand in front of Miss J., who tells them that today is all about "assessories." J. has heels, bags, and gloves amongst other things that can throw a bitch off when she's walking down the runway. We have a tiny montage of Miss J. walking with various flashy accessories, and I like him again for a minute. The girls will focus on taking off jackets and gloves, twirling, fighting global warming, and other very important things. J. tells them that jackets are more easily unbuttoned from the bottom, because you end up with your hands at the top and it's easier to take the jacket off. The girls try it out, and Miss J. says, "Ouch." When Leslie comes up, J. says, "You just messy," and then calls her "tressy messy." It is true that her hair looks like skank ass. She is also wearing hideous cut-off denim short shorts. Leslie says that her walk is the worst and the funniest out of all the girls. It is true. Miss J. says that Leslie is a pretty girl, but that some of the things she does take the pretty away from her. I do think that Leslie might have some sort of spinal issue that makes her walk that way. I hope it doesn't make her turn into a big slut and yell, "It's the scoliosis, dad!" when questioned by her father about her lifestyle, and then get attacked by a creepy-ass young Richard Gere, à la Diane Keaton in Looking For Mr. Goodbar. (Note: if you enjoy a slutty lifestyle, do not watch this movie, because it will scare the shit out of you. Don't say I didn't warn you, you big ho.)

J. shows the girls how to take off gloves, and how to handle handbags. Brooke drops her handbag, and Nnenna laughs in a smug fashion. And I must say that that little scene made me think that maybe Brooke is right about Nnenna, because it wasn't even like dropping the purse is something funny enough to laugh about, unless you're just mean and making a point about laughing at someone. No one else laughs. Brooke interviews that she doesn't appreciate Nnenna's laughter, and that she tries to respect Nnenna, but that the effort is not reciprocated. J. tells Brooke that she gets a bit lost, and that, when she does, it shows in her face.

Next, the girls must twirl around in long, twirly skirts. They look pretty stupid. J. says that Sara is still a bit awkward in her body and seems like Gumby on a bad day. Well, he looks like a Garbage Pail Kid named Jaundiced J. J. tells Sara that she looks like she's trying to make herself smaller, and that she should walk tall in front of them. J. tells the girls that they still need to step it up a few notches, so later that day, they're going to go meet "The Twirlers." He says that they'll have double the trouble. (Speaking of, does anyone remember this show? It was the best. I totally wanted to be one of those twins, or at least the girl they experimented with on the episode when they decided they were doubly bi-curious.) Back to this show: the girls have no idea what this double trouble business is about.

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