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Double Trouble

The judges deliberate. Joanie is great, though Tyra notes that her self-consciousness about the snaggletooth might be a problem. Leslie is photogenic, but Nigel says that he's not convinced about her in person. Twiggy would like to keep her in the competition to keep an eye on her. Roy says that she could be a fabulous print model, but probably not a top model. Nnenna is selling the shoes in her photo. Twiggy's worry about her is her slight blandness. Danielle's photo is not one of Miss J.'s favorites, but he still loves her. Tyra says that she wishes Danielle would put a little more effort into her makeup-free, ashy personal appearance. Furonda is a ghetto diva, according to Roy. Twiggy likes her because she looks different. Miss J. wants to fix her right arm. Jade put her best foot forward, according to Roy. Nigel quite hilariously asks Roy if Jade scares him. Roy says she doesn't. Tyra says that Jade can photograph kind of old. Well, she is kind of old. However, Tyra says that it's almost as if Jade is getting younger before her eyes at Panel. There is totally a photo of a 120-year-old Jade hanging somewhere in Lucifer's living room. Sara photographs beautifully, but looks like a housewife on the runway. She also doesn't know how to use her height. Roy says she's like a linebacker who can't tackle. The judges love Brooke's photo, but worry about what a mess she is. Miss J. says that she's his favorite brokedown model, and wonders if she can be fixed.

The girls return. Joanie is called first. Tyra commends her for taking chances, and for using the whole week of soul modeling to her advantage. Go white girl! Go white girl! Also, take that orange man. Called next are Jade, Nnenna (who gets a glare from Brooke), Furonda, Danielle, and Brooke. This leaves Sara and Leslie. Sara is tall, but awkward. One of the judges said to send her back to the mall. Leslie marches to her own drum. She is a beautiful girl and has beautiful pictures, but they don't see a model, and are concerned about her posture and presence. Sara gets the photo, leaving Leslie to go back to Arizona. Leslie is sad. She says she knows that she didn't show them confidence on the runway, and maybe in the back of her mind she didn't even know if she could do it or thought she was good enough. We see her gorgeous portfolio as she fades from the group photo.

Next week: the girls get the chance to impress an agent who channels the spirit of Janice Dickinson, with an extra layer of meanness. Also, Joanie gets four teeth pulled, including, I'm assuming, the snaggle. That, my friends, is the definition of good times.

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