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Double Trouble

The girls do the runway walk. It's funny to see them try the turntable thing. Danielle, Nnenna, and Sara are particularly terrible.

Jade had a good walk, according to the judges, but needs a little more power. Tyra explains to Twiggy what krumping is, and then demonstrates. Twiggy says that she'll stick to tapdancing. Jade's photo is good, but Tyra says that she forgot she was modeling and had some whack facial expressions.

Sara looked like a tank coming down the runway, according to Nigel. Her photo, however, is quite interesting, according to Twiggy, who asks whether that's klumping. The judges give the photo mixed reviews, but I think it's one of the best.

Furonda has a paralyzed right arm when she walks, says Miss J. Nigel says that she has a signature walk, whether one likes it or not. Furonda has a slamming face in her photo. It is, indeed, a good shot.

Brooke's walk was "dreadful," according to Nigel, but Roy loved it. Brooke's photo is hot. Tyra says that she looks like "LaBrooke." Adding "La" to someone's name is Tyra's second favorite thing after saying that they played "the blame game." Twiggy loves how raunchy the photo is. Nigel says that this is the real deal, and that Brooke needs to take that fierceness to the runway, because there's nothing sexy about a signature look of confusion.

Joanie's walk was soulful, but true to herself, and Tyra loved it. Joanie krumps for the judges, and Roy says that her father's going to get her. "Or get us," says Miss J. I think a Top Model field trip to Beaver County would be the best. It is certainly uncharted territory for the Jays. Joanie has kind of a crazy facial expression in her shot, but her body position is great. The judges love it.

Danielle's walk is good, but not great, according to Tyra. It is competent, but not amazing. The light on Danielle's face is beautiful, according to Nigel, but Tyra once again says that it's good, not great.

Nnenna's runway turn was bad times, and Roy tells her to pay attention when Tyra demonstrates something. The judges love Nnenna's shot. Nigel says that her smile is her money shot.

Finally, there's Leslie, whose turn was also bad. Twiggy says that she has a great body but doesn't use it to her best advantage. Tyra tells Leslie to stick her chin forward to elongate her neck more. Leslie's photo is a good fashion shot, according to Twiggy, but Nigel says that her energy isn't what the other girls were portraying. I don't know. It's a good photo. But at this point, I think we're all pretty aware that Leslie is doomed. Commercials, where we learn that Nnenna was voted Cover Girl of the Week. Really?

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