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Double Trouble

Nnenna is next, and Jay tells her that he wants to see some of the African stuff. She has rhythm, but is a bit reserved. Jay says that it was tough to get the energy out of her, and the whole time she was giving an "Am I pretty? Am I pretty?" vibe as she posed.

Leslie says that she knows she can move her body and be graceful, and will be good as long as she forgets her nerves. Leslie looks okay, but Jay says that she keeps giving the same two moves. He asks her if that's how she dances for the men. The glare Leslie gives him matches the glare I give him. Jay says that he wants her to work it like she's in the club and is trying to get a little something. Well, maybe they should play "Come To My Window" in the background, then. Jay says he thought Leslie was going to nail it and be more of a sex kitten. Leslie interviews that the fact that she was trying to pose and thinking too much hindered her ability to let go and get a good shot.

Brooke is next and is all tarted up. Jay tells her not to start crying. Seriously, she needs to get it together. Brooke looks kind of nuts, I have to say. The photographer says that she has a killer body, but kind of went off into stripper poses. Cue stripper music, of course.

And then, quite pricelessly, Jade struts in and interviews that she won the runway competition and is feeling good, because this is her "gendre" of photo shoot. As the weeks go by, the bitch-o-meter really points less to evil and more to dumb. Jade, however, really can dance. Jay says that this is the first week Jade has really impressed him. Cut to a confessional where Jade gets all up in the camera and says, "Look at me. I am a supermodel. Do you see the potential? Do you see it?" Well, since you asked, not really. At the end of the shoot, Jade picks up a water bottle and splashes it across her chest in a move that Jay calls "classic Tyra." If you know me at all, you know I hate to admit this, but it was a pretty cool maneuver.

Back at home, Danielle does a little rap about her and Joanie which makes absolutely no sense and doesn't even really rhyme. The two of them look cute, though. There is Tyra Mail, which Leslie reads. Someone is going home. Leslie says that she's nervous but is trying to stay calm. Also nervous, of course, is Brooke, who wants to prove that she can be a model. Jade wonders how tall Sara did with the short krumping klowns. Sara interviews that she's not confident and thinks she might go home. She cries. We head to commercials.

A photo of Tyra krumping leads us into judging. There are prizes, there are judges. Roy Campbell is the guest judge. Tyra says that she's known Roy since she was a seventeen-year-old in Paris, and that he wrote the very first article about her in fashion. As opposed to all the other articles written about her in the field of nuclear physics, which appeared when she was sixteen. Tyra tells them that this week was all about moving. She adds that a church fashion show was the first she ever saw, and that she loved the theatricality. She incorporated elements of that into her own runway walk. Tyra tells the girls that she wants to see them do the same with their signature walks, and models a move she wants them to try out. They are to walk down the runway toward the judges, stop and pose, then on their way back stop and do a slow turntable turn. Tyra demonstrates, and I have to say that it might be the best thing she's ever done. You have no idea how many times I've tried that since this episode aired. Even Twiggy is impressed.

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