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Previously: go sees! Bulls! Photo shoots! Twins in the bottom two! Michelle going home. Sad times.

It is a beautiful, sunny day in Barcelona. In their sweet pad, Caridee and Amanda get all friendly over a hot pink camisole. Amanda tells us that she and Michelle were in the bottom two at the last panel, and that Michelle went home because she outed herself as...the weakest person there, in her own opinion. Amanda says that it was Michelle's choice to say that, but that if she hadn't, she might still be there. "But," asks Amanda, "would I?" Um, no. Amanda says she kind of feels like Michelle made a sacrifice for her. Amanda reads the note that Michelle left before she bid adios. Caridee tells Amanda that she loves Michelle, and then interviews that Michelle knew Amanda really wanted this, and that she'd rather have her sister stay because she's such a wonderful person. And, kind of an idiot. I mean, it was a nice thing to do, but as we will soon find out, it really didn't do anyone any good.

Amanda says it's weird to have her own room, and Caridee tells her to come cuddle if she gets lonely. Amanda's like, "For the last time, that's the OTHER twin!" Amanda says that she's happy to be there, but sad to see Michelle go. If you ask me, I think she's more the former than the latter. Amanda doesn't know if she should have been the one to go, and wonders whether the judges made the right decision. They made the right decision if you want Caridee to be the winner.

Tyra Mail! "In the modeling industry, working with a partner has many pros. You just have to keep them [sic] from stepping on your toes." You know what that means...foreign country dance-off! Nobody puts Melrose in a corner!

The girls head off to a dance studio, and as they enter, Caridee slaps Eugena's ass. Girl, give it a rest already and keep it in your pants. God. Once inside, they meet flamenco instructor Nacho Blanco. He is not racist model Nacho, thank goodness. Accompanying Nacho is assistant instructor slash translator Naama Hernandez Ruiz. Caridee tells us in an interview that Nacho is a short guy. Indeed. Nacho says that normally in the fashion world you work alone, but sometimes you also have to work with partners. And what better way to learn how to work with a partner than by dancing flamenco? Four guys come out and start dancing. It would be awesome if this turned into the "Cold Hearted Snake" video all of a sudden. Amanda tells us that even the idea of dancing makes her nervous, which is no surprise for Miss Gangly McGraceless.

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