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And speaking of Anchal, she's first for the individual evaluation. Twiggy thinks her black and white shot is really scary, and Nigel says that she's taken his breath away. Tyra says that Anchal committed to the photo, but it's important not to rest on the makeup and to take things a step forward. In her romance novel shot she looks in control, which is a big accomplishment for a young model, according to Cathy. Tyra says that Anchal was a little hoochie in her film. Well, she's posing for a book called Love Pyramid. What else is she to do? Tyra demonstrates how to give booty, but be fashion. What does that sentence even mean?

Twiggy thinks that Amanda's black and white shot could be right out of a fashion magazine. Tyra says that sexy is not one thing. What she loves about Amanda's picture is that it makes you think about sexy in a different way. Twiggy loves Amanda's innocence in her Fabio photo, and thinks it's very sexy. Amanda says that she's leaving Fabio for another woman, and Twiggy gets very proper and says, "Double the hussy!" Double the hussy, double the fun, I always like to say. Amanda looks happy.

Next is CariDee. Her black and white photo is sexy in an exorcist kind of way, according to Nigel. Twiggy compliments the photo, and Tyra says that CariDee blew her away, because she commits in an insane way. She was growling and making noises and whatnot. Tyra says that she wishes Nigel was there to experience it, and that all she had to do was point and click. She says that she's never seen a model do that, and CariDee is proud. Her Fabio photo is also great. Twiggy likes the soft side that she's showing. Nigel says that CariDee looks stunning, but is wearing too much makeup. Tyra tells her to scrub her face, and save the makeup for retirement.

Brooke is next. Twiggy thinks that her black and white shot is interesting, because she looks very young. Tyra says that Brooke has a newscaster side to her, which is actually totally accurate, but on-set she gets into a different "thing." Nigel likes her Fabio photo as a long shot, but as a close up it is pretty terrible. Cathy says that it's a bad angle for Brooke. Twiggy, feeling that someone has to say something nice to poor Brooke, says that she loves that Brooke is frowning and has gotten into the story.

Michelle is next. Her black and white photo is pretty cool, and features her tongue sticking out to the side. Tyra says that she took a chance, and Cathy thinks that it's one of the best faces they've seen, which appears to garner a glare from Amanda. Tyra says that Michelle did so many safe shots, and she had pulled one of those but changed it at the last minute, because it's important for her to give credit to a girl for doing something different. Tyra says that Michelle looked very uncomfortable in her Fabio film. Michelle says that it's probably because she's never laid in bed with another person. Tyra says that she was modeling when she was a fifteen-year old virgin (at which point Michelle also acknowledges that she's a virgin) and she knew how to be sultry and seductive. Tyra says that Michelle has also never been evil, to a black fashion show, or bulimic, but she convincingly did all those things, so there's no excuse for saying that she's never done something. I hate the whole "excuses" thing that Tyra does with some girl every season. In any case, Michelle totally knows that she fucked up.

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