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Meanwhile, back at home, Anchal still feels bad about herself. She says that her confidence was killed at the dinner party runway show, because she knows she has to work on her body. Anchal says that she doesn't want to gain more weight, but she stresses out. She interviews that she's tired of people telling her that she can't be a model because of how much she weighs. CariDee tells her that overeating is a killer, and so she should stop doing it. Well duh. CariDee tells her to eat better, and Anchal acts like it's a freaking revelation. It's not like CariDee just invented Jazzercise or Sweatin' To The Oldies. Jesus. Commercials.

Dani(elle) goes on a go-see for American Eagle! Hey, I hope she makes it!

When we return, there is Tyra Mail, read by a scantily clad CariDee. And oy, is it a long one. Okay, here goes: "He eyed her heaving bosom as she strutted down the catwalk while he yearned for her modelesque yet Rubenesque body. He extended his strong manly hands and brushed them against her supple skin. She moaned in ecstasy and then left the crowd aghast into the dark of the night. Love, Tyra." Oh, my God, you guys. Tyra totally writes amateur erotica in her spare time. Everything is making sense to me now.

The girls head to the site of their shoot, where they meet Jay Manuel, who tells them that there is a fine line between sexy and sleazy. He says that models shoot all kinds of covers, so today they will be posing for the cover of a romance novel. What's the line between sexy and tacky? The girls are all a-twitter. Melrose is once again wearing the world's ugliest outfit. She interviews, "The image that you get when you hear romance novel is like, groping, really aggressive, like, painting." I don't know if she means that it's like a painting or that it's like painting, but either way that's kind of hilarious. Jay tells them that when you're on a romance cover, you need to draw the reader in with your story. And boy, does Jay have a story for each of the girls. Jaeda will have a Dracula scene. Eugena's story is secret lovers caught in the act. Michelle will have a secret love child. Never meant to be. Love child. Society. CariDee is a peasant in love with a rich man. Melrose is a Madame of a brothel. But not Wayland Flowers and Madame, which might be more appropriate. (And as a side note, I feel like I have mentioned Wayland Flowers and Madame in a lot of recaps. What is wrong with me?) Amanda will be leaving her man for another woman. Anchal will be Cleopatra. Brooke is desperate for her man to stay. The photographer for the day is Randee St. Nicholas, and Jay promises the girls an excellent co-star.

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