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Brooke goes home. All of the other models, like, cringe. As Brooke goes to hug the other girls she breaks down and says that this is the night of her "friggin' high school graduation." I love that this is, like, the lowest of low moments for her and all she can say is "friggin.'" The girls give her a big group hug. Brooke tells the others that she loves them and starts to leave. Tyra stops her and says that she heard Brooke say that she could be at graduation, but does Brooke know how many girls would love to be in her place right now? I have brief hope that Tyra will open a can of whoop-ass and start yelling, "I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE YELLED AT A GIRL LIKE THIS!!! EXCEPT MAYBE THAT ONE TIME." Ah, the memories. Instead of telling Tyra to go stuff a sock in her sausage dress -- as she has every right to do -- Brooke says that she knows and that she would rather be there. Then there is a weird choppy voice over of Tyra saying that Brooke graduated, but she just missed the ceremony.

Back at home, Brooke says that she gave everything up to come to Top Model. She's crying so much. It's really sad. I mean, her photos are absolutely terrible, but still it's sad. She says that she wouldn't give it up for anything, and that she's experienced a lot while she's been there. She won't go back as a high-school senior, she'll go back as an adult. Or maybe as someone's child bride. Isn't that what people do in Texas?

CariDee is the Cover Girl of the Week!

Coming up: James St. James and NASCAR. And Anchal and Melrose have a pretty mild-mannered bitch-off.

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