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The judges evaluate. Brooke gets better and better according to Twiggy, but Nigel says that he gets a pageant feel from her. Cathy agrees. Anchal is exotic and sexy according to Cathy, and Tyra says that her black and white photo is one of the best of the bunch. However, she might be too pretty, or not know what to do with her overabundance of pretty. That would be quite a problem to have. Amanda is not classically pretty according to Twiggy, but Nigel says that she has risen and this is her defining moment. Fabio is overpowering Jaeda, but in her black and white photo she looks as if she's saying she'll be damned if she goes home this week. Tyra doesn't understand how she can have such a strong picture and such a weak picture in the same week. CariDee's body language is great in her black and white photo, but Cathy says that she tries almost too hard to be a model all the time. Tyra agrees and says that there's a difference between desire and desperation. Eugena is a pain in the ass and needs to work on her attitude. Her black and white photo is good, but she needs to bring it more often. Melrose does not know how to do weird and freaky, and Miss J. thinks maybe she's more comfortable being a lady of the night. Nigel thinks that this is Michelle's weakest week. Yeah, but she's still better than half of the girls there. Tyra says that she's always frustrated with girls who give excuses for things. On Michelle's romance novel cover, which is entitled Who's My Baby's Daddy, Miss J. says that he's the baby's daddy. Unless that kid came out of Michelle's vagina in a burst of flames and wearing sequins, I highly doubt it.

There are seven photos and eight girls. Hey, that doesn't add up! It means that some one is out. The first name that Tyra's going to call is...Amanda. Oh, good for Amanda. She gets the most improved award. I think the twins have turned a corner here. Michelle looks slightly perturbed. CariDee is next, followed by Anchal, who needs to bring confidence to all of her photos. Then there is Melrose, who again is wearing yet a different world's ugliest outfit. Then Jaeda is called, which means she's not in the bottom two. Good for her, even though I kind of can't stand her. And then Michelle is called. Phew! Tyra calls her Miss Excuses. Michelle is happy anyway. And this of course leaves...Brooke and Eugena. Now, at this time I thought Eugena and her stank attitude were totally going home. Because, like, how mean would it be to send Brooke packing on the night of her graduation? It would be diabolical. But if you know Tyra, you know that's totally her style.

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