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Then there is Eugena, whose black and white photo looks really fucking scary. Nigel says that it's got the strongest eyes he's ever seen from her, even with the contact lenses. Miss J. says that that's the real Eugena -- she's that evil. No, I mean, he actually says this. Tyra asks what was going through Eugena's mind that day. Eugena says that maybe she was mad. Nigel tells her that when they ask her a question, she should think about her answer and deliver an answer that they'll appreciate. Tyra tells her to also be likeable, because she's not being likeable right now. Eugena says that she tries to be herself, but it comes off as something else. Cathy asks if modeling is something that Eugena has passion for. Eugena pauses and then says that it is, but Cathy says that she's not convinced that Eugena really wants this. Tyra says that last week a girl went home who the judges felt didn't want it, so Eugena should take heed and shape up. Tyra tells Eugena to have manners, and Twiggy adds that some charm would be nice, too. Eugena's Fabio shot works as a long shot, but she's got the dead eyes again.

Next is Melrose. Twiggy says that to date Melrose has given the best photos. Tyra says that Melrose's film was beautiful for the black and white shot, but if you took away the makeup it looked like it could be a cosmetics ad. That's a bad thing? Melrose wasn't bringing it up to her full potential. The Fabio photo is great, and Nigel says it's the best of the bunch. Tyra says that it's an obvious sexuality, and Melrose knows how to do that, but she needs to work on the other stuff. Melrose says that she'll be working in the mirror tonight. Suck up.

Jaeda's black and white photo is also hella-scary, but cool. Nigel says that whatever feeling she had, she brought to the picture. Tyra says that she felt the picture happen. Nigel notes that she looks terrified standing in front of them, and Tyra asks if Jaeda is afraid that she'll go home. Jaeda says that she's been in the bottom two a lot, and really needs to step it up. Twiggy says that the photo steps it up, but Jaeda has to give them a little more enthusiasm in person. Jaeda's Fabio photo is a little awkward looking. She says that she could feel Fabio's breath every second and it was icky. Nigel tells her that she's a model, it's a job, and she's got to get into character. Twiggy says it's apparent that she didn't want Fabio to be that close (which, I might be with her on that one), and Cathy says that Jaeda is a beautiful girl but is afraid every week that she's going home. Tyra says that if the judges keep seeing that Jaeda thinks she's going home, they might just send her home one day. Of course, they might do that whether she thinks she's going home or not, so I don't really get it.

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