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The Yellow Hos Of Texas

Meanwhile, Dani(elle) has her Seventeen shoot, which involves some sort of crazy messed-up hair, and TruBlend makeup. Maybe Cover Girl tests their products on Dani(elle) instead of on animals. Eh, I'm okay with that.

When we return, Monique says that her experience of the hospital was miserable. The doctor told her that she was dehydrated, and needed fluids fast. Well, if she hadn't spread them so liberally on the beds of others, none of this would have happened. Monique says that the whole experience was scary. Sadly, she is still alive.

The next morning, Monique is drama-queening and lounging about. Melrose is first in the limo. Eugena tells Monique that she doesn't look good, and that maybe shouldn't go. Oh, that is total sabotage. She interviews that they all asked Monique if she was going to go to the shoot, and Monique said she was going to tough it out because she has to have a photo. Anchal interviews that she doesn't care if Monique is there or not. Hey, me neither. Monique says that she's going to have to grab some strength from somewhere. Maybe there are some crumbs underneath the throne?

Caridee, A.J. and Megg fly back and head straight to the photo shoot. Jay welcomes them and calls them the jet-set girls. The others arrive, and Jay tells them that they're going to be in a runway show, and that there will be a photographer in the pen at the end of the runway. That will be their photo shoot for the week. They will be outfitted by Charlie Altuna, their stylist, and also a Dynasty-era '80s throwback designer by the looks of it, and also a fish who wears glasses. Charlie's partner is named Emiliano. Charlie tells the girls that they have to be extremely careful, because a lot of the clothes are made of delicate organzas, which could easily rip. Sounds like a practical wardrobe choice. A.J. tells us that she's really pumped up, and feels like she owns the runway. Glad to see she's being consistent with that low self-confidence.

As the girls get made up, Monique is still all sicky sicky poo-poo. Eugena says that she's proud of Monique for coming, and then the next thing you know, Monique approaches Jay to tell her tale of sickness. He tells her that if she wants to go back to the house and go to sleep, he'll have the driver come and pick her up. He says that she has to make the decision for herself, and she says that she'll go home. I love that Jay didn't even try to convince her to stay by laying out the obvious consequences, which are that she will most likely be eliminated. She's such a chump. Monique interviews that her heart and her mind wanted her to stay, but that her body vetoed that decision. Oh, please. I mean, I'm sure she's sick, but figure it out. Michelle hearkens back to poor, sick Danielle in Thailand, who went to the emergency room with dehydration issues, and then posed on an elephant the next day and, you know, won the competition. Learn some lessons, bitches.

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