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The Yellow Hos Of Texas

The girls start to walk. Amanda is first and is a disaster. Bre laughs. Not so fast, there, Krusty the Clown. Amanda has your granola bar in her cleavage. Then there is the hunchback of Notre Dame, a.k.a. Megg. Then Michelle. Miss J. says that Michelle needs to walk like a girl, but a sexy girl. A.J. looks pretty good, despite having scabby legs and, perhaps, cankles. She interviews that she naturally walks in a straight line. Fascinating. Jaeda does pretty well, but needs to go faster. Monique actually looks okay, and says that she knows she needs to step it up. Melrose is going along okay, but then stumbles. Bre tells her that it's okay, and to recover. I'm sorry, but name one real runway show Bre has appeared in. Can't they ever get a legitimate expert? Miss J. says that Melrose stumbled but didn't recover like a model should have. And then Melrose is, like, crying on a bench. WTF? Monique laughs and mocks her in an interview. You can't blame her for that one. Miss J. tells Eugena to walk like she's going through hell in gasoline-soaked pajamas. He notes that she has one of the safest walks, and hasn't stepped up to the plate yet. Then there is Brooke, who doesn't stumble, but still kind of looks ridiculous on account of the fact that she just isn't a model. Anchal has a bit of a hard time, and Caridee looks a straight fool. J. tells her that she is the sex kitten of the house right before he and Bre make fun of the little point thing she does at the end of the runway. Caridee is wearing a big feathered mask, though, and can't see it. I have a feeling that that's how she goes through life in general. For once, though, her weave doesn't look bad.

And then, this. Miss J. says that the winner of the challenge will get to fly the next day to walk in the Dennis Quaid Charity Fashion Weekend, which raises money for children's charities in Austin, Texas. And, according to Wing Chun, supplies Dennis Quaid with a fresh source of impressionable tang. The girls for the most part are like, "...great," but Brooke shows particular excitement because Austin is her hometown. Miss J. says that A.J. is the winner of the challenge, and thus gets to choose two girls to model with her in the fashion show. A.J. picks Megg, whose reaction -- and only spoken parts in this show -- is as such: "I was like, 'Heaaaaaayahhhhh! Rock n' roll! This is so rad! Let's go!'" Oh, poor, somewhat adorable dumb-ass. Let's just say that if Megg were at KFC, she'd give a quarter and her order -- small fries, Big Mac. Megg be illin'. A.J. interviews that Brooke was begging to be taken home to Texas, but A.J. was basically like, "Tough titty, hicksville," and chose Caridee instead. Bitchy, yet awesome. Brooke cries a little and says that it would have been nice to go home, because she loves Texas and it's her home state. Well, too bad.

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